Chapter 704 - Everyone Was Evacuated

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Chapter 704: Everyone Was Evacuated

The school leaders also started to gather the students in preparation for their return.

“Uncle Kong, aren’t we going to look for Sister Tang? Are we just going to leave her alone? Are we just going to abandon her?” Meng Yang was the first to speak, his face was contorted into that of rage and betrayal

He couldn’t understand why they had to leave so soon when Yao Tang still wasn’t found. He clenched his jaw, wanting nothing more than to stay put.

“That’s right! I won’t leave until we found her.”

The others from Class 20 also agreed.

“I won’t leave either!”

“Yeah, we haven’t found her yet!”

“If you want to leave, go. We’re not afraid!”

The people from Class 20 all said at once. It was obvious that none of them were willing to leave their friend behind.

Principal Kong sighed deeply. “Listen, I’m also worried about her, but worrying like this is useless,” he slowly said. “Why don’t we go back first? When we have news of her return, I’ll make sure that everyone is informed.”

Even after he had said this, the others didn’t look willing to leave.

‘?????? ???? No(ve) l Bi n’,

In the end, Meng Yang made a decision, “How about this? Lin Xin,Qin Jing, and I will stay behind to help. The rest of you will head back. It wouldn’t do well to crowd the area anyway.”

No one else objected after, but the concern was evident in their eyes.

Beside the crowd, Yao Ran lowered her head in grief, hiding the cold smile that had slipped into her lips.

She didn’t care about how powerful Yao Tang was. Even she wouldn’t be able to survive falling off a cliff. A cliff that high—how could she still live?

They probably couldn’t find her because she was buried under some boulder.

Yet these people were still so insistent!

Yao Ran resisted the urge to scoff.

“If we find Yao Tang, we’ll feel more at ease,” Meng Yang pleaded. “Please, don’t force us to leave. Please.”

This matter was obviously very important to him.

Principal Kong pondered about this for a moment, stroking his beard.

Everyone stared up at him expectantly.

Yao Ran clenched her fists. Dissatisfaction flashed across her eyes.

She was already dead, yet so many people still cared about her.

“Principal Kong.” Her voice trembled as she looked up at Principal Kong. She pretended to wipe away her tears. “I want to stay too. I want…I need to know if my cousin is safe. Please let me stay too.”

She looked like she had been crying.

‘The source of this ?ontent is’,

Meng Yang scowled. “Don’t you think your presence would help with anything? You don’t have to stay.”

This girl obviously didn’t have any good intentions for wanting to stay.

“Meng Yang, you have to head back. I won’t be able to explain myself to your family,” Principal Kong stated. This was indeed a very difficult situation.

They couldn’t afford to offend the Meng and Qin Families.

If they didn’t see Meng Yang come out of the clearing, they’d definitely be very worried. If something were to happen, No. 1 High Schoolwould be subjected to numerous lawsuits.

Staying here was far too risky.

Meng Yang was about to say something when the rescue team leader stepped forward. “Let’s go. Although we are relatively safe now, there is still a possibility for an aftershock to occur. We must bring all students out into the clearing.”

There was no room for negotiation.

Qin Jing gritted her teeth.

Now, they had no choice.

He gazed in the direction of the rubble. He felt as if his heart had been run over. The old man couldn’t imagine how he’d face everyone if something really had happened to her.

Yao Tang was his biggest trump card for the college entrance exams. Now, he didn’t even know if she was alive or dead!

In the end, Principal Kong took a deep breath and turned around. “Let’s leave,” he said heavily. “Everyone line up and follow me out. We’ll leave Lingyun Peaknow.”

Meng Yang refused to step forward; his eyes were watery.

Yao Ran hid a smile as she patted the dust off her sleeves. At this moment, she wanted nothing more than to head back and celebrate.

Now that she had dealt with Yao Tang, no one would compare her with her ever again!