Chapter 705 - She’s Found

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Chapter 705: She’s Found

Just as Yao Ran was about to follow all of them out, a rescue team member rushed over and whispered something to his leader.

Immediately, the leader turned toward them. “The student you’re looking for, is her name Yao Tang?”

“Yes, that’s her! Have you heard from her?”

Meng Yang immediately grabbed onto the team leader’s hand as tears welled up in his eyes. He appeared to be on the verge of tears.

His heart was racing in his chest.

A part of him wanted to hear the news about Yao Tang, but he was also afraid that something had really happened to her.

If something had…he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.

A group of people swarmed around the rescue captain. Their eyes were practically sparkling with anticipation, but they didn’t dare open their mouths.

Suddenly, everyone had gone silent.

The rescue team leader also felt a huge lump in his throat. Having participated in so many rescue operations, he knew that this wasn’t the right time to hold back.

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“Your classmate has been successfully rescued. She’s making her way out of the forest as we speak. She called us to inform you of this.”

Hearing this, Meng Yang fell to the ground in relief, and the others soon followed suit.

Tears began running down their cheeks. She was safe…she was actually safe.

In the end, Qin Jing patted him on the shoulder and helped him up. A bright smile slipped into her lips. “Let’s go, we still have to clean ourselves up,” she said. “If Sister Tangsees you like this, she’d probably lock the door on us.”

Meng Yang subconsciously looked down, and he almost choked back a laugh. His pants were stained with mud, and a few weeds have attached themselves to the fabric of his clothes.

He then glanced over to his other classmates. Only then did he realize that they all looked the same. Their cheeks were coated with mud, and they all looked like they had just buried themselves in the dirt.

“Let’s go! I’ll treat you all to a meal in the largest restaurant in City A.”

Everyone smiled brightly as the atmosphere filled with joy.

Yao Ran looked at the happy scene. She bit her lip so hard that she had drawn blood. Even then, she still couldn’t mitigate her annoyance.

How could she survive?

She thought that she’d finally live happily knowing that Yao Tang was dead. No one would ever mention that woman to her anymore, and her reputation would return to its former glory.

And now she learned that she was actually saved!

Why did she have to survive?

Why did she have to snatch everything from her?

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She stole her fiancé, stole her reputation…

She even snatched away her father’s love! Everyone continued to look at Yao Tang, praising her for her “amazing” self.

Yao Ran pinched herself, trying to relieve the pain and anger in her heart. She forced a smile into her face.

After Principal Kong led the students out of the forest and into the clearing, they were met with tons of parents.

Everyone rushed over to hug them.

The earthquake had been extremely dangerous. Had they been unlucky, they would’ve been buried underneath the rubble.

Some of them hugged their children, unwilling to let go.

Back then, they had extremely high expectations for them.

However, after experiencing such a close-death experience, they immediately lowered their expectations. Now, they no longer cared about their grades.

They just wanted them to live and appreciate the life they had.

When Yao Tang returned home, she found that Yao Rong and Jiang Wanwere waiting at the entrance. Behind them was a table filled with different dishes.

“The school called just now. Are you okay? Do you know how worried we were?”

Jiang Wan immediately pulled her into a hug.

Originally, they had wanted to go to Ling Yun Peak to wait for her. They were so flustered that they couldn’t think straight.

However, just as they were about to leave, they received a call.

When Jiang Wan heard that Yao Tang was safe and sound, she was relieved. She immediately prepared different dishes, waiting for her daughter to come back.

“I’m fine.” Her eyes shone in guilt. “I’m sorry I made you worry.”