Chapter 708 - The Cheng FamilyMatriarch

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Chapter 708: The Cheng FamilyMatriarch

Yao Ran staggered back in fear, but the faint smile in her eyes remained unnoticed.

Sure enough, her mother still hated Yao Tang with a passion.

She didn’t have to worry too much then. It seemed that the Yao Family still needed her to put on a show. No matter what, they wouldn’t let that bitch return.

“Please don’t be angry,” she whispered. “I’ll listen to you from now on.”

Yao Ran lowered her head, trying to make her voice as soft and shaky as possible. Her teary eyes and trembling lips made her appear very pitiful.

Qin Man’s face softened. “That’s more like it.” Even then, her eyes were still cold. “So you weren’t able to meet Young Master Yang?”

“I only found out after I had gone there. He didn’t actually participate in the hike.”

“He didn’t participate in the hike, and you went there looking all stupid? Next time, why don’t you grow a brain and learn how to seduce men like that Yao Tang! Look, she didn’t even do anything, and she still managed to lure him in!”

Yao Ran nodded repeatedly, like the obedient dog her mother thought she was. “Of course. I’ll definitely find a better opportunity.”

Her smile was that of disdain.

She was no longer interested in being connected with the Young Master of the Yang Family.

What was the use of them anyway?

The Yang Family had a decent family background, but they still couldn’t be compared to the other families on the map. They were still nowhere near the Cheng Family.

That was what she had been interested in.

The Cheng Family had businesses all over the country, and they knew almost anyone in the industry.

Cheng Zhou was far more handsome than Yang Nian. He had a temperament of a successful man, far better than the weak young master she’d call Yang Nian.

He was nothing more than a sheep compared to him.

Yao Ran smirked. She wanted to be the right-hand woman of that ambitious man, not some small sheep.

Luckily, Qin Man didn’t notice it.

“Ranran, your results in the Math Olympiad should be out now, right? How did you do?” She stared at her. “Are you confident that you can surpass Yao Tang this time around?”

The Math Olympiad was now held nationally. If she did well, then she’d be able to guarantee her spot at a good university.

It was why Qin Man cared about the results.

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“The results haven’t been released yet. I was told that the results are still being reviewed.”

Yao Ran lied through her teeth.

Qin Man nodded. “Double-check the website, okay? When the results are out, you better call me.”

“Okay.” She was about to say something else, but she immediately closed her mouth as if she was hesitating.

Qin Man frowned. “If you have something else to say, say it.”

“Mom, you know what happened in the last assessment held by the Music Association, right? I want to ask if you could help me smooth things over, so that I could participate in the next assessment.”

Yao Ran gazed up at her.

Now that she had not entered the Music Association, she didn’t have the confidence to get close to someone like Cheng Zhou.

If she were able to pass the assessment, then she’d find a way to reconnect with Cheng Zhou. Maybe then, she’d be able to finally be a part of the Cheng Family.

As his wife, Yang Nian and Qin Jingwould bow down to her.

They’d regret everything they did!

It was all that slut Yao Tang’s fault.

“You still want to enter the Music Association?”

Qin Man blinked in surprise.

Yao Ran squeezed out a smile. “I heard that Young Master Yangwould like his wife to be talented. It’s why I wanted to train more in this area.”