Chapter 710 - Faked Their Deaths

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Chapter 710: Faked Their Deaths

“No, you don’t understand.”

The lower-ranked soldier immediately waved his hand, panicking. The way these special forces soldiers were looking at him made him feel intimidated. “It’s not like that,” he insisted. “They’re…the people that had been spotted were dead. I just need some people over to carry these bodies away.”

After hearing this, the team leader scrunched his face in disbelief.

“How is that possible? These people haven’t even reached the peak, and they’ve already been taken care of?” The squad leader asked, but in the end, he received no answers.

Even the soldiers were confused.

After all, weren’t they talking about a group of very experienced smugglers? How could they have died right outside their perimeters?

How could they have died when they still haven’t made it?

“It must be one of their schemes,” one of them whispered. “Maybe they disguised themselves as dead to make us lower our guard down. Then, they’ll ambush us.”

“Yeah, Captain, you shouldn’t believe it.”

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“Why don’t we pretend to not know about this scheme and use our weapons to test it out? We should still be cautious about this matter, dead or not.”

“Yeah, I bet they’ve prepared tons of traps. I don’t believe it!”

The special forces soldiers were all looking at each other in disbelief.

There was something strange about this matter. The squad leader immediately led his team down the mountain. However, as soon as they reached the clearing, they realized that the ground soldiers weren’t exactly wrong.

At the foot of the mountain, they really saw dead bodies.

They were all different ages, and their bags and weapons were scattered all over the grassy landscape. Their bags, upon one look, were filled with different equipment.

They looked like they’d been attacked.

However, no one dared to make that rash decision. In the end, the team leader decided to test them first.

“Everyone, take out your flamethrowers and listen to my orders. Surround this group of people in a circle. When I give my order, I want you to direct it right at them.”

The members immediately surrounded them, and the leader gave his signal. “Fire!”

Everyone’s eyes were sharp. They paid attention to every single one of their movements. Behind them, there were soldiers with their guns, ready to deal with the situation if anything had gotten out of hand.

Flames immediately buried the corpses.

Their clothes were singed, revealing their already ashen flesh. These people didn’t look in their direction. They didn’t even scream in pain as they had expected.

It seemed that they were really dead!

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However, the soldiers made no indication of stopping.

The flames were enough to raise the temperature of their surroundings. Sweat trickled down their forehead as their vests suddenly felt too tight, but they couldn’t care any less. They were all focused on the target.

Only after five minutes did the squad leader wave his hand.

“Put it away! That’s enough!”

Now that the danger was confirmed to have been eliminated, the group of soldiers put away their guns.

They all couldn’t figure out what was happening. How could this have occurred?

“Perhaps they’ve been subdued by a larger group of smugglers.”

“I think so too. Captain, maybe we should hurry back to the mountains. If these people could easily destroy them, it means that they must be very powerful. Leaving the mountains to them is dangerous.”

“Maybe they’ve had an internal conflict.”

“Look at the way their weapons are positioned. They weren’t aiming at each other but at someone else.”

The soldiers all shared a look, confused.

At this point, they really couldn’t tell what had transpired.

While no one was paying attention, the squad leader glanced at the corpses’ wounds as if he were confirming something. He pursed his lips.

All of these people had been killed with a single strike. There weren’t any signs of resistance. Only then did he confirm his suspicions.

“Looks like our trump card has arrived first!”