Chapter 711 - The Formation Was Broken

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Chapter 711: The Formation Was Broken

At 10 AM, Yao Tang was walking down the mountain.

She came across the small stream and washed the blade she had used on her enemy.

She had actually planned to come over earlier, but Jiang Wan pushed her to finish her breakfast first. That’s why she had come late.

Unexpectedly, she came to pass a group of foreign smugglers as soon as she had gone up the mountain. It seemed that they just wouldn’t stop coming, even after the earthquake had occurred.

She had an idea to disarm them.

As soon as the leader of the group saw Yao Tang walking along the trail, the corners of his lips curled up into a malicious smile.

They had a rule. They must draw blood before the operation for it to be a success.

Now that this beautiful girl had graced them with her presence, it seemed that the fates were on their side after all.

“Tie her up,” he commanded. “We can sacrifice her to the gods.”

As soon as his words were said, the group of people picked up their weapons and stomped toward her. Some of them even raised their guns and directed them at her.

Their gazes were dark as they towered over her.

In their eyes, Yao Tang was already a dead woman.

‘??? ????? ???????s ??? ?????s??? ?? N(ov)elBin’,

However, before they could say anything, she made her move.

No one knew how Yao Tang had managed to do it, but it didn’t take long for every single one of them to fall one after the other. Their corpses all pilled onto the clearing.

The last man fell to the ground, and his eyes flashed in disbelief.

They did’t even know how Yao Tang made her move.

After a moment, the entire forest fell silent. Yao Tang sighed in irritation as she walked into the depths of the forest.

However, at this moment, she had no idea that she would become other people’s trump card. She didn’t know that she’d be referred to as the group of people from the search department.

Step by step, she walked toward the big tree where she had hidden the meteorite. Chirps were heard all around them, and she couldn’t help but be moved by the soft sound.

The deeper she walked, the closer she got to the array formation.

Not far away, Yao Tang could see a large tree blocking her view.

She continued to walk toward the place. When she reached the bottom of the tree, a strange look flashed across her eyes.

She immediately leaped and climbed up the tree.

Very soon, she reached the position where she had been yesterday.

However, no matter how deep she looked, she saw that the space she had hidden from the meteorite was empty. The meteorite disappeared.

Could it be that someone had come to take it away?

Yao Tang stretched out her hand and touched the wood, only to find out that her array formation must’ve been broken through by someone else. The formation seemed to have failed not too long ago.

Thinking of this, Yao Tang jumped. She glanced at the sky and walked in a certain direction.

On the other side, Xiao Feng was desperately racing down the fountain.

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After the meteorite he had obtained was snatched away, he returned home. He gritted his teeth, knowing that his elders had high hopes for him.

But it wasn’t his fault! If he had to blame anyone, it was that woman!

How was he supposed to know that she was this powerful?

It was why he had been unwilling to admit defeat. It was also the reason why he had raced up the mountains himself.

Xiao Feng wanted to walk around the mountain to see if there were any other treasures that he’d encounter. He might even get lucky.

As he walked, he climbed up the tree and took a surrounding look.

What he didn’t expect was to discover the array formation. Whenever there was an array formation, the energy in the surrounding area was known to fluctuate. When his compass started to shake, he knew what might’ve caused it.

Xiao Feng was determined to break the formation.

He studied for it the whole morning before managing to undo it.

What he didn’t expect was to find the same meteorite that he had taken the other day.

Xiao Feng smiled and hid it in his bag. Without another word, he ran.

That girl must’ve hidden it there! There was no way to take it away under so many wandering gazes. That must’ve been why she had hidden it. That also meant that she was coming back for it.

He must escape as soon as possible!

Who knew when that girl would appear?

If he were to meet her again, he wouldn’t know how to defeat her.

Xiao Feng ran with all his might, like the soles of his feet had caught on fire. However, what made him even more worried was the familiar voice that echoed behind him.

“If you don’t stop, you’ll bear the consequence of your actions.”

The woman’s voice was as cold as ice.