Chapter 1883 The Blooming Age Of Quintessence!

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<The Age of Quintessence has arrived!>

This message and authority buzzed in the minds of all Candidate Emperors across Realities and Dimensions as it termed the name of the current Age!

It also showed that destiny had reached a profound level as with every action- there had to have been something that had triggered it.

Those knowledgeable instinctively knew that something must have happened to bring to fruition the name of the First Age of the Kainos Era.

But as to whether one could correctly guess what exactly spurred all this? It was a sheer impossibility simply because nobody would be able to believe it!

Emperors of all creeds and factions surged as their wills awoke.

In the Main Reality, the Hegemony of Primordials reigned as existences with terrifying power woke, the countless Primordial Temples ringing with the air of change and chaos as they foretold of tumultuous times coming!

This foretelling was grand, but events were already unfolding at this moment as apart from the vast Realities- there were those residing in the 9 Dimensions and those lost in the continuum of time.

There were the Ancient Races that had been biding their time since the shifting of power of the Olden Era.

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Those of the Ancient Races had ruled over the vast lands for an entire Era, their power being something undecipherable as the sheer fact they were toppled by the hands of a single being still remained the biggest mystery of Ages!

Even though they had their hegemony decimated, many of these Ancient Races still survived as they took refuge in far away reaches of Realities...and many took refuge in Dimensions where the hegemony of Primordials was not as prevalent.

Many formed new alliances in order to survive and thrive, with connections being formed with Dimensional Royalties and shockingly...even Dimensional Hellion Rulers!

There were then the Ancient Races who joined hands with the budding Race of Primordial Beasts who were the youngest amongst the warring Races in terms of history- and yet their power was undeniable as they had one thing on their side.

The Enders of Reality, The Primordial Beasts...these existences had the very making of Reality supporting them and their advancement in order to return things to how they once were!

The extent of how much their power had grown since the splitting of the Main Reality was unknown, but they also moved with their own goals.

So when the name of the new Age was announced, these beings moved with even more fervor to accomplish their aims!

The granting of the name told them that Destiny was rising to its peak of this Age as in the coming times, Victors and Losers would be decided!

For the Primordial Beasts, they knew that if Reality did not go back the way it was since the past Era, it would more than likely never be returning to this state.

For the Ancient Races, they knew that if they could not topple the Hegemony of Primordials in the first Age of this Kainos Era...then it would become immeasurably hard to reverse the changes of power made in the Last Age of the Olden Era!

For the Primordials....they knew that the test of their Hegemony was coming as they simply had to keep the reigns of power in this Age of Quintessence, and they would more than likely reign for the years to come!

The Dimensional Royalties and Dimensional Hellion Rulers...their aims and goals were grand and influenced by something much greater as the 9 Dimensions held their restrictions for a reason.

They had a glorious purpose...but this purpose was slowly changing since the end of the Olden Era as the restrictions that held back Dimensions were ever so slowly loosened due to the actions of a single being!

So the competition of Emperors of this Age...would be unlike any other as the number and quality of existences involved were much greater than any of the past Ages of the Olden Era.

The time of Blood and War was here as the name of the new Age was digested by all beings.

The Age of Quintessence!

An Age where those fighting for supremacy had to show themselves to be the ideal embodiments of Emperors against all others!

Was this part of the reason why this Age gained this name? Because there were so many Candidate Emperors from so many different areas competing?

That all of these beings had to show which of them best exemplified the True Emperor of this Age?!

When trying to find the meaning of the name of this new Age and how best to proceed, many might come to this conclusion.

But they didn't know.

None of them knew...that there was an existence that was titled as the Quintessential Kainos Emperor already!

An existence who titles himself as the ideal embodiment of an Emperor not just of this Age…of this blooming Kainos Era!

So the Primordials moved with their own aims and goals.

Primordial Beasts and Ancient Races moved for their own hopes and Dreams!

Dimensional Royalties and Dimensional Hellion Rulers…they moved for glory and Conquest after having been reigned in and restricted for too long.

The First Age of the Kainos Era began like this.

The Age of Quintessence…bloomed from unknown means as while Candidate Emperors began to scramble on the path for supremacy, the Quintessential Kainos Emperor solidified his advancement as he gazed over all his new abilities while also pondering of this Age and his own distinction.

He sat on the Throne of Quintessential Tyranny as behind him, his spinning crown of ETHEREAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR remained the same, but his soul buzzed as it felt like there was something he could do now that he could not do before.

With his Tri-Pupiled Eyes, he released terrifying beams of light as his will surged, watching as the word ETHEREAL spinning above his crown fluctuated before an instant later, it changed to Quintessential!

Quintessential Dimensional Emperor!

Essence erupted again as Noah's eyes flashed once more, and the first word changed yet again as it returned to ETHEREAL.

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