Chapter 1884 The Wonders Of Amalgamation!

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His description above his crown was malleable.

This was the conclusion Noah came to after switching ETHEREAL with QUINTESSENTIAL multiple times, where he could choose to display everything about him as people would come to know his title very much matched the current Age…or he could be just a tiny bit low key and not scream this out at the top of his lungs.

He wasn't the most powerful Kainos Emperor yet.

There were many more powerful beings and extremely old existences who had comprehended too many things, with his True Sanguine Clone about to face one very soon as before that battle unfolded, he had to acclimate and understand his new level of power.

With 120 Innate Ascendancy Halos and 10 from a TABOO Relic, what could his power reach?

With his now ridiculously 300% Innate Dimensional Barrier alone…how many Billions of Defense Values did he have?!

With the features of <Skill Succession> and <Concept Amalgamation>...just how much could he tweak his power?

Thinking of the new features of his Traits while his Paramount Kainos Dream Dimensional Reality stabilized and continued the budding of new Cosmos, Noah's thoughts were led to the remaining Trait he had yet to delve into.

The prompts had already come as it finished around the same time as the other two traits!

<The Authority of the Samsara Universal Dao Origin Trait has greatly increased.>

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Noah's eyes shone with a dazzling stellar luster as more prompts rained down!

<Repeat has been unlocked.>

<Samsara Dimensional Chassis has been unlocked.>

<The newly unlocked feature of Samsara Dimensional Chassis has been altered to Quintessential Dimensional Chassis.>

<Empyral Refiner has been unlocked.>

Concepts of stupendous glory came as amidst Noah's own distinction, one of them even had its name changed to fit Noah's current aims and goals.

And their descriptions…were just as glorious!

<Repeat>:: Having been anchored to the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality and resonating to establish your own Dimension, you gain the capability to return a day prior in the case of an Instant Death caused by TABOO authority, DHARMA Authority, or the authority of a Decretum. This ability is usable only in certain conditions and has a cooldown of 1 Month.

<Quintessential Dimensional Chassis>:: Your path forward has been established to be the formation of 9 Unique types of Dimensions in your Origin, with the Dream Dimensional Reality being the first Dimension. For this Dimension and all Dimensions that are to follow, a more quintessential authority can be granted to one of your True Sanguine Clones for them to attain a Quintessential Dimensional Chassis based on chosen Dimension. A Clone that has been granted this authority allows you to build that Dimension and understand its Decretum 10,000% faster, as well as make your understanding of the Natural Laws of Reality 10,000% faster. Abilities that utilize the Dimensional Essence of the chosen Dimension also have 100% increased Penetration against enemy's defenses. Your path past the 9 Dimension is undefined, perhaps the 9 Quintessential Dimensional Chassis can illuminate the path forward. Currently available Quintessential Dimensional Chassis to choose from: Quintessential Dream Dimensional Chassis.

<Empyral Refiner>:: Your Origin and Body share an extremely strong connection that has only become more quintessential after their resonance, yet your Origin is much more pristine than your body. To absolve this discrepancy, the Samsara Universal Dao Origin has given way to this passive ability that will increase the rate of refining your Bones, Organs, and Musculature towards their path to becoming EMPYRAL by 10,000%.

The Tri-Pupiled eyes of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor blazed like subs as they watched these abilities.

Repeat was ridiculous as it could bring him back 24 hours prior to a True Death once a month, even though he never planned on dying to anyone anytime soon!

Empyral Refiner was also just as fantastical as it made his pathways towards forming an astounding Empyral Foundation even more pristine in his new stage!

Then there was <Quintessential Dimensional Chassis>.

The word Chassis had appeared before as it meant body, framework, or skeleton.

In Noah's case, it meant being capable of granting his True Sanguine Clones a body that distinguished each one of his 9 future Layers of Dimensions.

9 Quintessential Dimensional Bodies!

,m And right now, Noah could designate one Clone to become the Embodiment of his First Layer- the Dream Dimensional Reality!

But before Noah could think about this any further, his Destiny buzzed powerfully as he was led to gaze at a skill he had gone past just now.

<Empyral Refiner>.

His destiny buzzed with power as it was showing a profound possibility with this ability...and something else!

Noah was slowly becoming more and more adept in Destiny as he very quickly picked up the hints and turned his attention towards another feature he had recently unlocked. It was <Concept Amalgamation>.

The capability to combine concepts together as it could be applied to Daos and Edicts and even abilities!

Noah's destiny informed him of a profound pathway filled of Fortune when the ability of <Empyral Refiner> appeared, hinting to him that there was another ability that would match extremely well with it were Noah to utilize Concept Amalgamation!

The answer was of course...

Noah's will grasped onto the two concepts as with his destiny pointing the way forward so clearly, he didn't hesitate to see what would come from it.

"Concept Amalgamation."

The vibrant skies turned blue.

Pure Mana surged out in a show of shocking wonder as Noah felt parts of his Soul that were carrying two concepts together become wrapped in endless waves of Mana, their fundamental structure altered and elevated as they went towards fusion!

His Tri-Pupiled eyes released beams of cerulean blue Mana briefly as a magnificent scene bloomed, a new prompt rising before him soon after as seas of destiny raged.

<The skills Empyral Mitahara and Empyral Refiner have undergone the process of Amalgamation.>

<The Ascendant Kainos Ability Quintessential Empyral Kaiser is born!>

<Quintessential Empyral Kaiser>:: An Ascendant Kainos Ability that stands out amongst its peers, allowing for you to draw upon the nourishing Essence of the Infinite Reality Passages, Dimensional Essence, and spicules of the essence of the Natural Laws of Reality into it to achieve the effect of nourishing a selected Bone, Musculature, or Organ to begin transforming into the higher stage of Empyral. This is a passive ability that will increase the rate of refining your Bones, Organs, and Musculature towards their path to becoming EMPYRAL by 10,000%, and it holds no resource cost to activate or maintain…

The buzzing Essence in the surroundings lulled.

Quintessential came and stained as only Noah's luminous Tri-Pupiled glow could be seen.

As Noah was affirming his strength and beginning to use his newly unlocked ability, the first thing he brought to fruition was a passive ability that would cause all other beings to scream of the unfairness!

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