Chapter 2629 - Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (147)

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Qiao Ruoxi was shocked. She could not believe that an ordinary suit would be worth so much money. She thought about how she had drooled on it just now. It was such a waste.

After Li Yixue finished admiring the suit, she suddenly turned her head and asked sharply, “Ruoxi, tell me the truth. Where did you get this suit from?”

She knew that she wouldn’t believe her if she were to say that she had picked it up somewhere. Qiao Ruoxi thought for a moment and replied, “A friend.”

“Friend? What friend? I’m really curious what kind of a friend of yours can afford a suit designed by Xiao Kebai.”

Because of Xiao Kebai, Li Yixue became very interested in the owner of the suit.

“I’ll introduce him to you the next time we meet.”

Qiao Ruoxi had no choice but to only give a brief answer, afraid that Li Yixue would probe further.

“Sure, sure. I’d love to be friends with a rich guy,” Li Yixue said excitedly.

Qiao Ruoxi wiped the sweat off her forehead. She wasn’t even friends with the rich man yet, okay?

“Are you going back to the Tang family?” Qiao Ruoxi asked.

Hearing the words “Tang family,” Li Yixue’s excited expression faded as her spirits seem to have been dampened.

“Where are you going to stay if you don’t go home?” Qiao Ruoxi asked worriedly.

“I can go and rent a place right now. Anyway, I don’t want to go back to the Tang family,” Li Yixue said, a little peeved.

She did not inform the Tang family about her return and only told Qiao Ruoxi that she was the daughter of the Tang family, but she had no home to return to.

Li Yixue had never told her the reason why she did not want to go back to the Tang family. Qiao Ruoxi did not probe further eitber. She was afraid of making Li Yixue unhappy.

It was possible that everyone had a secret in their hearts that even their best friend could not know of.

If she did not want to tell her, she would not ask. She believed that Li Yixue would tell her when she wanted to.

“If you don’t mind, you can stay at my place for the time being.”

There was no way that Qiao Ruoxi would not help her when she saw her in dire straits.

Li Yixue did not know that Qiao Ruoxi’s family had already moved to the city so she thought that she was referring to the Jin Manor. “Forget it, forget it. I’ll think of a solution myself. I’ll stay in the hotel for a few days and move out after I find a good place.”

Seeing that she had her own plans, Qiao Ruoxi did not try to persuade her any further.

The two of them returned to Yuncheng from the airport. Qiao Ruoxi accompanied Li Yixue to find a hotel with a decent environment. They booked a room and put their luggage down.

After that, the two of them held hands and left the house. They went to the city to shop and chat.

At night, Qiao Ruoxi invited Li Yixue to dinner to welcome her.

The venue was still set at the Sichuan Fragrance Restaurant where Li Yixue had dined at before she left the country.

Li Yixue was filled with emotions as she stood there once again. The restaurant’s signboard hadn’t changed, but the furnishings and decorations inside were all different.

Although the place was the same, everything else felt different.

She remembered the taste of the restaurant because her brother, Tang Yebing, used to bring her here for meals.

‘Sigh, that man is no longer your brother. Don’t think about him anymore.’ She thought to herself.

“Let’s go in. I’ve already made a reservation in advance.”

Qiao Ruoxi nudged Li Yixue, who was still in a daze.

Li Yixue came back to her senses and followed Qiao Ruoxi into the Sichuan restaurant.

The two of them did not notice that there was a van parked on the road opposite the Sichuan restaurant.

In the van, Wen Ke’er saw Qiao Ruoxi and Li Yixue together and her heart was filled with resentment.

The two women were together again.

She did not forget that Li Yixue had slapped her for Qiao Ruoxi’s sake. She vowed that she would return the slap sooner or later.