Chapter 2630 - Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (148)

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When she saw them enter the Sichuan restaurant, Wen Ke’er ordered her assistant, Little Cannon, “Go, do it quickly.”

“Okay, Sis Ke’er.”

Little Cannon put on his mask and got out of the car. The nanny van quickly drove away.

Qiao Ruoxi ordered a table of dishes and chatted with Li Yixue as they ate.

They subconsciously started chatting about the past. “I remember when you were drinking and crying your heart out as if the sky had fallen down. I was scared.”

“Ahem… I forgot. Am I crying?”

How could Li Yixue forget?

What had happened back then was a pain in her heart for the rest of her life. Even after ten or twenty years, she would still remember it clearly.

“Yeah, it almost flooded the restaurant. You were drunk and you cried out Tang Yebing’s name…”

“Don’t mention it. Now that I’m finally back, can’t we talk about something happy?”

When Qiao Ruoxi mentioned “Tang Yebing,” Li Yixue quickly stuffed a mouthful of food into her mouth.

At this time, two more customers entered the restaurant. Coincidentally, one of them was the person Li Yixue did not want to mention—Tang Yebing.

Tang Yebing and Xie Ruyan walked into the restaurant together. As soon as they entered the restaurant, he realized that his usual seat was occupied.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that it was Qiao Ruoxi.

‘The girl sitting opposite Qiao Ruoxi is… Why does she look like Yixue?’

Qiao Ruoxi looked towards the door and was surprised to see Tang Yebing. She immediately signaled to Li Yixue with her eyes and whispered, “Psst, look who’s here!”

Li Yixue turned back and was stunned.

The man at the door was also shocked and looked at her in astonishment.

Their eyes met, and it was as if two lightning bolts had gathered together. A clap of thunder resounded in his heart.

The memories of the past were buried deep in the bottom of her heart. Those that she thought would be forgotten were now raked up.

Bitterness, pain, sorrow, love and hate… All sorts of complicated emotions attacked him in an instant, gathering in his heart and congealing into a pain in his throat.

Li Yixue thought that she could finally face him. But when the man appeared in front of her, she realized that she had been deceiving herself all along.

She could not forget him. When she saw him again, her heart would still hurt. She would feel sad and want to cry.

Tang Yebing was not feeling any better. He had mixed feelings in his heart. He really wanted to rush over and grab the girl by her collar and interrogate her fiercely. Why did she leave without saying goodbye back then?

But he did not. It was as if someone had nailed his feet with nails. He could not move and could only look at her from afar.

He was afraid that he was hallucinating. He was afraid that the beautiful shadow would disappear once he got close.

Li Yixue looked at Tang Yebing. Five years had passed and he still looked as dashing as before.

Even the woman standing beside him was still Xie Ruyan.

Xie Ruyan’s heart tensedup when she saw Tang Yebing and Tang Yixue meeting but she quickly regained her composure and reached out to hold Tang Yebing’s arm intimately. “Yebing, let’s go sit over there.”

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They were indeed together.

Li Yixue smiled bitterly. She turned around in time before her tears came out.

Tang Yebing could only see her slender back. Under Xie Ruyan’s pull, he had no choice but to follow her to another place to sit.

They were both in the same restaurant, with only two tables and a corridor between them.

Li Yixue and Tang Yebing acted as if they did not see each other. They only treated each other as the most familiar strangers.

Seeing how sullen Li Yixue looked, Qiao Ruoxi asked worriedly, “Yixue, are you okay?”