Chapter 2631 - : Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (149)

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“I’m fine.”

Li Yixue shook her head and forced a smile at Qiao Ruoxi. “I suddenly feel like drinking. Let’s get wasted tonight!”

“Forget it. I can’t carry you if you get drunk.”

Qiao Ruoxi knew that Li Yixue was in a bad mood and wanted to drown her sorrows with alcohol. But she was worried that Li Yixue would go crazy after drinking, so she called the waiter over. “Bring us a jar of coconut juice. Please heat it up.”

Li Yixue’s lips twitched, but she did not say anything.

“Didn’t you say you’ve already let it go? Why? Are you still caught up on it?” Qiao Ruoxi asked, seeing how listless and out of sorts she was.

Li Yixue seemed to have been exposed. She pretended to be strong and said, “What a joke. How could I not let it go? So what if it’s coconut water? I want to drink it to my heart’s content.”

The waiter quickly served a jug of warm coconut juice. Li Yixue poured herself a cup and drank it all in one go.

She poured another glass and drank another three glasses in one go.

Realizing that she seemed to be downing the coconut juice like it was alcohol and choosing not to eat the dishes, Qiao Ruoxi said, “Hey, I ordered coconut juice, not wine.”

Li Yixue put down the empty cup and raised her head. Her eyes were already red and she seemed to be in misery.

She reached out to her and called out to her as if she wanted to say something. However, in the next second, her body fell down with a loud thud.

“Ruoxue! Ruoxue…”

Seeing that she had passed out, Qiao Ruoxi quickly got up to help her up, but she was already unconscious.

Qiao Ruoxi was terrified. What was wrong with Li Yixue?

Why did she faint out of nowhere?

Just as she was panicking, she heard the sound of tables and chairs collapsing next to her. Then she saw the tall Tang Yebing appear in front of her in a few steps and immediately checked on Li Yixue’s condition.

He noticed that her lips had turned purple and she was foaming at the mouth. She seemed to be poisoned.

“She’s in danger. We have to get her to the hospital.”

After saying this, Tang Yebing bent down, picked up the girl on the ground and rushed out of the restaurant.

Qiao Ruoxi picked up Li Yixue’s bag and chased after her.

The scene of Li Yixue passing out just now was too sudden. Before Xie Ruyan could react, Tang Yebing had already rushed over and picked her up. It was obvious how important Li Yixue was to him.

It was hard to describe how Xie Ruyan felt when she was abandoned by Tang Yebing just like that. She had worked hard to win his heart for a few years and was about to be happy. Now, it was all over.

It was because of Li Yixue.

‘Of all times, why did she have to come back now?’

‘Why is it that she can easily make Tang Yebing waver the moment she appeared?’

Her nails dug into her flesh and her eyes were filled with hatred.

Xie Ruyan was filled with indignation and resentment.

She would not let Li Yixue take Tang Yebing away. She would never.

Tang Yebing drove with a deep frown on his forehead and almost floored the gas pedal.

He was racing against time and seizing every second. His sister Tang Yixue was lying in the back seat. She was also the person he cared about the most in his life.

His heart had never been as chaotic as it was today. He was extremely afraid that something untoward might happen to her.

There were still many problems and misunderstandings between them. If she left just like that, his conscience would never be at peace for the rest of his life.

Qiao Ruoxi followed behind while Li Yixue lay on her lap. She was as anxious and helpless as Tang Yebing.

She could only pray in her heart that Li Yixue would be fine.

Tang Yebing’s car arrived at the entrance of Fengtian Hospital. He carried Li Yixue and rushed towards the emergency room.

Along the way, many doctors and nurses recognized him. They looked at his back in surprise. No one knew what had happened to the director.