Chapter 2633 - Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (151)

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“How would I know?”

“When she was eating with Qiao Ruoxi, she ordered coconut juice. It was laced with poison.”

The doctor ran a lab test on the contents of Li Yixue’s stomach and found that there was cyanide in the coconut juice. He asked Qiao Ruoxi and learned that they had ordered coconut juice at the restaurant.

Li Yixue drank three cups of coconut juice and collapsed after getting poisoned.

Therefore, the problem was that the coconut juice in the restaurant was poisonous.

“How could coconut juice be poisonous?”

“This is also what I can’t figure out. I’ve been to that Sichuan restaurant often and I’d order drinks regularly whenever I visited. There has never been a problem. But why did this happen today? And I’ve already sent someone to investigate. I’ve confirmed that the rest of the coconut juice served in the restaurant is not poisonous, except the jug on their table. Don’t you think this is strange?”

“Are you saying that someone deliberately poisoned the coconut juice? What’s their motive?”

“I’m not sure, but if it wasn’t for my sister today, the one lying in the hospital right now might be Qiao Ruoxi.”

He had to investigate whether there was a problem with the coconut juice production or whether someone had deliberately poisoned it.

Feng Yunan :”…”

It was a different story if there was a problem with the coconut juice preparation. But if it was intentional poisoning, it was clear that the other party was viciously out to kill her.

What he could not be sure of now was whether the poison was meant for Qiao Ruoxi or Li Yixue.

No matter who it was, the restaurant had offended Feng Yunan and Tang Yebing.

In the ward, Li Yixue finally woke up. Qiao Ruoxi asked softly, “Yixue, how do you feel?”

“What… what’s wrong with me? I feel a little uncomfortable…”

After the gastric lavage, Li Yixue’s face was pale and she looked sickly. She was no longer as radiant as she was in the afternoon.

“You’re poisoned.”

Qiao Ruoxi’s eyes were red as she explained, “If it wasn’t for your brother who happened to be there and sent you to the hospital, the consequences would’ve been unimaginable. Do you know that you’ve already walked around the gates of hell? You scared me to death.”

She had heard from the doctor that the coconut juice in Li Yixue’s stomach was poisonous. Now that she thought about it, she felt a lingering fear. She had ordered the coconut juice on her own accord. If something really happened to Li Yixue, she could not escape the blame.

“He sent me to the hospital?”

Li Yixue’s focus was not on the poisoning but on who had sent her to the hospital.

She could not believe that it was Tang Yebing who had sent her here. He should hate her to death. Why would he ask about her life?

“Yes, it’s Director Tang. Your brother. I can tell that he still cares about you.”

Since Qiao Ruoxi was a bystander, she knew that Tang Yebing and Li Yixue cared about each other and could not forget each other. However, there were many things between them.

They could not reconcile or resolve the conflict. They were both very stubborn, and neither of them was willing to bow down to the other.

“How is that possible? He’s a doctor. It’s his duty to save the dying and heal the injured. If you were the one who was poisoned, he would definitely have sent you to the hospital. He’s the kind of person who treats everyone well. Even if a stray dog is crippled, he would still treat it. I know.”

Li Yixue’s pale lips trembled as she complained about Tang Yebing.

In short, in her opinion, Tang Yebing was a bad guy who could not be trusted. He was no longer the good brother who used to take care of her gently.

“All right, all right. Don’t be agitated. Calm down. Let’s not talk about him. Right now, the most important thing for you is to rest.”

Qiao Ruoxi tried her best to calm her down. She did not let Tang Yebing visit her for the time being because she was worried that Li Yixue would be agitated.

Li Yixue stopped arguing and quieted down. “I understand, Ruoxi. It’s getting late. You should go back and rest early too! You still have to work tomorrow.”