Chapter 2635 - Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (153)

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Many people might not recognize Xiao Kebai’s brand, but he was Xiao Kebai’s most loyal user. He could tell at a glance that the suit in her hand was Xiao Kebai’s brand.

“Whose clothes?”

Qiao Ruoxi felt like she was facing a huge disaster. She touched the back of her neck and forced herself to explain, “Nothing. I was carrying it for someone else.”

Feng Yunan stared at her twinkling eyes and quickly recalled where he had seen this dress before. It looked familiar.

He couldn’t remember who had worn it for a while, but he remembered that Xiao Kebai’s clothes were usually custom-made, and the owner’s surname would be printed on the inner pockets of the clothes.

He opened his shirt and checked the inner pocket. To his surprise, there was a word sewn on it—Mu.

How many people in Yun City could afford a suit that was worth tens of millions and had the surname Mu?

“Does this belong to Mu Yunli?”

“How did you know?”

Qiao Ruoxi was shocked and quickly covered her mouth.

She was telling the truth.

She didn’t expect him to have really made the right guess. Feng Yunan’s dark brows were furrowed tightly.

Whenever he thought of Mu Yunli’s arrogant and handsome face, he would get angry.

Why was Qiao Ruoxi so disobedient?

He told her not to hang out with other men, but she refused to listen. Not only did she not listen to him, but she even chose to date the man he hated the most.

Was she deliberately going against him?

“You actually met with that guy behind my back again?”

Feng Yunan thought about it carefully. He had left the Fengtian mansion this afternoon and dropped her off at the subway station halfway. She said that she had taken the subway to pick up Li Yixue at the airport.

According to reasonable calculations, she should have been with Li Yixue in the afternoon until just now. How could she have the chance to meet Mu Yunli?

“No, no. I didn’t meet him behind your back. It was just a coincidence.”

Qiao Ruoxi quickly explained.

“When did this happen?”

The man’s eyes were so cold that Qiao Ruoxi had to tell him the truth. “It’s just… when I went to take the subway…”

“Go on. Continue making up stories.”

The elevator had already reached the underground parking lot. Feng Yunan stepped out of the elevator.

It was impossible for him to believe that she would meet Mu Yunli when she was on the subway. Given Mu Yunli’s status, how could he possibly take the subway? Who was she kidding?

Qiao Ruoxi caught up with him and explained anxiously, “I’m telling the truth. It was really just a coincidence. I said I wanted to take the subway to the airport and he said he wanted to go too, so…”

“So you took the subway together and arrived at the airport?”

Feng Yunan snorted and stopped in his tracks. “Then how do you explain this dress?”

Qiao Ruoxi lowered her head like a child who had done something wrong. She replied softly, “I was asleep at that time and accidentally drooled on his shoulder. I only wanted to help him wash it before returning it to him. I didn’t think of anything else.”

“You even got your saliva on his clothes?”

Feng Yunan suddenly raised his voice. He could not believe what had happened.

Under what circumstances would a woman drool on a man’s shoulder?

Even a fool would know that she had been sleeping on the man’s shoulder.

The most Feng Yunnan could imagine was Mu Yunli draping his coat over Qiao Ruoxi’s shoulders when they parted at the airport. But he never expected that she would fall asleep on Mu Yunli’s shoulder.

‘Is this woman trying to drive me to my grave?’