Chapter 2712

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Chapter 2712: Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (230)

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Qiao Ruoxi did not dare to call for help. She was afraid that her calling for help would anger the man, afraid that he would do something outrageous to her again.

She could only wait for people to pass by and see if she could ask for help.

In order to stall for time, she had no choice but to continue chatting with him. “Fine, tell me. What’s the reason?”

“The police diagnosed me with schizophrenia, and they released me. You should know that when a mentally ill person is unable to identify or control their actions, they can be spared from legal responsibilities.”

After Qin Xuming told her the reason, Qiao Ruoxi finally understood why Qin Xuming was acting so strangely at that time.

One moment he was begging her gently, and the next moment he was showing his fierce side to her.

But he didn’t look like someone with mental illness.

She did not know if Qin Xuming really had a mental illness, but even if he did not, as a lawyer proficient in law, it was easy for him to fake a psychiatric report for himself.

If he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic patient, he could do many unexpected things when he was stimulated.

As a lawyer, he knew the legal provisions like the back of his hand. At the same time, he could also clearly grasp the loopholes in the law.

It would be too easy for him to get away with it.

The more she thought about it, the more terrified she became.

But what was even more terrifying was what followed. Qin Xuming stared at her with a sinister gaze and deliberately said in her ear, “The 119th Yuncheng University Dismembered Corpse Case. Do you know how many pieces the deceased was broken into?”

Qiao Ruoxi was speechless.

In an instant, terror struck her, and her hair stood on end.

Why did he suddenly tell her about such a terrifying case?

He continued, “There’s also the 917 murder case where the woman was raped then killed…”

It would be a nightmare to listen to such cases.

She knew that he was trying to scare her with those murders.

Qiao Ruoxi covered her ears tightly and closed her eyes. She kept mumbling, “Stop, stop, please stop…”


Qin Xuming let out a sinister laugh that made one’s hair stand on end.

Just then, a female voice came from afar. “Hey, President Qin, what are you doing? Did I come at the wrong time? Did I disturb you?”

“How could that be?”

Qin Xuming retracted his arm and the pressure disappeared. Qiao Ruoxi turned her head and saw Wen Ke’er walking towards them.

She swallowed and tried to calm her racing heart.

Luckily, someone had come. At least Qin Xuming would not do anything to her.

Wen Ke’er sauntered over and asked smilingly, “Miss Qiao, didn’t you say you were going to the bathroom? Have you been there?”

“Oh, why don’t we go together?”

In order to get rid of Qin Xuming, Qiao Ruoxi left with her without another word.

Even after walking far away, she could still feel a cold gaze following her from behind.

Qiao Ruoxi stepped into the bathroom and rested her hands on the countertop. She looked at herself in the mirror, her face pale.

Wen Ke’er came in after her, and a bright but sinister face appeared in the mirror. Qiao Ruoxi was shocked and immediately turned around.

Wen Ke’er crossed her arms and smiled. “Qiao Ruoxi, I’ve really underestimated you. Not only did you dominate Brother Nan and hook up with Mr. Mu, but you even got into an intense romantic exchange with your ex. Am I praising you for your charm or calling you shameless?”