Chapter 1335 - Met An Expert

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Chapter 1335: Met An Expert

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Prof Gao finally snapped out of his thoughts after some time and reiterated the things he witnessed that night. “I was very worried about the things in my lab, so I paid no attention to Yuan Huan. He offered to give chase and genuinely disappeared for a few minutes.”

He knew the academy inside out, so a few minutes was more than enough for him to steal the research archives.

President Cao narrowed his eyes. “Do you know what time he’s coming in today?”

Prof Gao shook his head and replied. “I don’t know either. Shall I call him and tell him to come over?”

“No, you can’t,” interrupted Director Xi from the side. “He’s a cautious man. If you call him out of the blue, it will only raise his suspicions.”

President Cao looked at Director Xi. “What should we do then?”

Director Xi rapped his fingers gently on his knee with a stern look on his face. He was unable to come up with any good ideas for now.

The office instantly went quiet.

Prof Gao had changed his mind about Yuan Huan’s innocence and his mind was in chaos. He suddenly recalled the new batch of medical solutions sitting in the laboratory. He promptly raised his head and suggested. “I think I have the perfect excuse to make him come over voluntarily.”

Since Yuan Huan had provided the notes for the new medical solution, it made complete sense for Prof Gao to keep Yuan Huan in the loop. It would serve as the perfect bait without raising any suspicion.

Meanwhile on the other end.

Yuan Huan had just woken up with his face ghastly pale.

He kept thinking about the scene in the car last night.

A tall man was standing by the bedside. Since he was wearing a mask, only his blue eyes could be seen.

After Yuan Huan opened his eyes, the man remained quiet. He simply plunged a needle into Yuan Huan’s arm artery and injected Yuan Huan with something calmly.

As the translucent solution entered Yuan Huan’s system, he automatically clutched the blanket tightly and seemed to be in great pain. After the needle was removed, he gradually let go of his hand.

After resting for a couple of minutes, Yuan Huan slowly got off the bed. As he stood up, the blanket slid off and his topless upper body could be seen. He had already handled the gunshot wound in his chest, and it was wrapped in bandages.

There were other old scars appearing on his body as well.

Yuan Huan lowered his eyes and said hoarsely, “Thanks.”

The man glanced at him mildly before tossing the syringe into the trash can. “Someone drugged you using poppy root essence. It can paralyze your nervous system. You must have encountered an expert.”

Yuan Huan’s face froze when he heard that poppy was used. No wonder he was powerless against the drug.

He knew his body was immune to most drugs. How could he get doped?

“I don’t know either, but it was a very young woman.”

The man tilted his head sideways. His blue eyes looked nonchalant, but he seemed slightly intrigued now. “Did you say a young woman?”

“Uh huh. I was unable to see her face clearly.” Yuan Huan spoke with his eyes narrowed. He never expected a woman to do this to him. During the process, he did not even get to see her face.

His phone could be heard ringing in his room.

When Yuan Huan heard the ringtone, he knew it was a call from the academy. He supported himself using the bed and got up. He slowly walked up to the wall, bent over to retrieve his coat, and took the phone out from his pocket.

Prof Gao’s land line was displayed on the caller ID. Yuan Huan narrowed his eyes wondering the purpose of this call. He quickly answered the phone. “Yes, Prof Gao?”

His voice remained gentle and refined. He sounded completely normal.