Chapter 1337 - Take Him

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Chapter 1337: Take Him

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Yuan Huan frowned. The two law enforcement officers had already grabbed him by the arms without giving him the chance to retaliate.

The ministry officials had pulled him hard, and Yuan Huan could sense his chest starting to ache. He was in so much pain that his face turned pale as he arched his back out of instinct.

The security guard captain nearby naturally caught on to his reaction. He paused and said, “Hang on.”

The law enforcement officers turned back to look at him.

The security guard captain went up in front of Yuan Huan, extended his hand, and pressed Yuan Huan on the chest.

Yuan Huan moaned in pain and stepped back instinctively.

When the security guard captain noticed Yuan Huan’s reaction, he promptly pulled up Yuan Huan’s shirt. The moment he pulled up the shirt, the gunshot wound on Yuan Huan’s chest could be seen. Also, it was clearly a penetrating wound from his chest to his back.

“It’s you,” said the security guard captain firmly.

He had fired on the intruder previously. Judging from the location of this injury and the rate it was healing at, the person was him.

When Yuan Huan made eye contact with the security guard captain, he suddenly realized why the mysterious woman did not kill him with a single shot last night.

She had designed this ruse. The gunshot wound decisively would prove that he was guilty of stealing academy research archives.

Even if a lot of things did not make sense in reality, the gunshot wound was enough to distract everyone.

Moreover, he had just pumped himself with special medication from Mirage Base to help speed up his recovery. Since scabs were already appearing on his gunshot wound, no one would believe him even if he told the truth.

If he had just suffered a gunshot wound last night, it made no sense for him to recover so quickly.

Before long, Yuan Huan was taken away by the law enforcement officers.

Just as Director Xi was about to leave, Director Wang called after him hurriedly.

“Do you want me to release Lei Xiao?” Director Xi turned to look at Director Wang and smiled. “As I understand, he was involved in researching radiation. He has openly disregarded protocol. How could you have the cheek to demand his release?”

Director Wang frowned. “This is just a misunderstanding.”

Director Xi did not want to continue with the subject. He raised his hand and stopped Director Wang from talking. “I don’t know if this is a misunderstanding, but there’s no way I’m going to release him. I have a lot of work waiting for me, so I have to go.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he left the office.

Before long, Director Wang left the academy with a sad look on his face.

Huo Yao did not like the smell of the hospital, so she got herself discharged that day.

Shortly after leaving the hospital, she received a call from Lei Xiao’s colleague while she was on her way home.

As she spun her phone, Huo Yao looked sideways at the driver of the car. “I want to pick up Lei Xiao from the Ministry of National Security. What’s it going to take?”

Min Yu raised his brow and said, “If someone else was asking, then yes, conditions are required. As for you, I can help you unconditionally.”

Huo Yao quietly veered her eyes. “In that case, shall we go over now?”

“Okay.” Min Yu nodded.

Min Yu made a U-turn and headed toward the Ministry of National Security.

The car arrived at the Ministry of National Security 20 minutes later.

Huo Yao had been to the ministry only once, so it was not entirely new to her.

After getting out of the car, she walked beside Min Yu.

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When the guards saw him, everyone nodded and greeted him reverently.

Huo Yao tutted upon seeing this.

Min Yu glanced sideways at her. He retrieved a black access pass from his pocket, swiped it at the lift and the lift doors opened.

The main office and detention rooms were both located on the third floor.

When they got to the third floor, law enforcement officers were already waiting to receive Min Yu at the atrium.

The law enforcement officer promptly walked over when Min Yu got out of the lift.