Chapter 1339 - A Familiar Face

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Chapter 1339: A Familiar Face

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Lei Xiao had an outspoken personality, and had rarely looked this serious. Huo Yao glanced at him. “Did they torture you?”

Lei Xiao shook his head. “Nope.”

He made no mention of the fact he was transferred here only ten minutes ago.

The person in charge of the transfer even treated him with contempt.

Huo Yao nodded. She believed Lei Xiao. Min Yu had requested for the ministry to take good care of him earlier. Since the people at the ministry treated him with deference, she felt they would not try anything funny behind his back.

Lei Xiao pointed at the door and kept urging her. “I mean it. Why don’t you leave? Don’t ever come here again.”

Lei Xiao was very worried, but Huo Yao remained relaxed and did not move. She said unhurriedly, “I’m not leaving. Instead, we are leaving together in a few moments.”

Lei Xiao got up from the chair, walked up to the door, and looked outside through the glass panel. There was no one outside, so he walked back and said, “Let me be candid. People say that detainees who get sent to this room can forget about leaving.”

He knew the Min family had high status in the capital, but there were many other powers in the capital as well. Moreover, the government body was split into many opposing factions and things could get very complicated and political.

Since there was often collateral damage when things got muddy, Lei Xiao wanted Huo Yao to leave while she could.

The Ministry of National Security came on very strong, so someone was clearly telling them to do this. Even if they had the help of the Min family, it was not going to be easy.

Huo Yao empathized with his concerns, but she simply said in a calm tone, “You did not do anything, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“This has nothing to do with my crimes…” Lei Xiao scratched his head powerlessly. For a moment, he did not know what to say. “Just take my word and leave while no one is around.”

Huo Yao glanced at Lei Xiao without saying anything.

Meanwhile, the door could suddenly be heard opening.

Lei Xiao instinctively raised his head. He could see someone standing at the door holding a whip in his hand. Lei Xiao instantly looked worried.

When he was thrown into detention yesterday, this man wanted to torture him, but someone stopped him.

Lei Xiao found out later that the Min family had given the order not to touch him, so the man held back.

If Lei Xiao was kept in an ordinary detention room, the chances were high that nothing would happen to him. Now that he was transferred to a new place, he was not as sure anymore.

Huo Yao failed to notice the expression on Lei Xiao’s face. She tilted her head casually and looked at the man at the lead and suddenly smiled. “Long time no see.”

When the man in the lead saw Huo Yao’s face, the aggressive aura radiating from him instantly disappeared. His hand froze in mid-air while he held the whip. For some time, he did not move.

He did not expect to run into this terrifying woman here.

If the law enforcement officer standing guard outside had mentioned her presence, he would not have taken the risk to enter.

Team Leader Liao could sense pain running through his body just by looking at her. She was the last person he wanted to see.

Huo Yao pulled out another chair from under the table. She kicked her legs gently and said, “Do you want to have a seat?”

Team Leader Liao went speechless.

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When Lei Xiao witnessed their interaction, he was at a loss. This was not what he imagined. He turned to look at Huo Yao and asked automatically. “Do you know him?”

Huo Yao nodded and said softly, “Let’s just say we exchanged a few pointers before.”

Team Leader Liao instantly remembered the pain Huo Yao had inflicted on him and went quiet.