Chapter 1340 - An Encounter

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Chapter 1340: An Encounter

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Lei Xiao touched his nose. He did not quite understand what Huo Yao meant, but it was the wrong place to probe the matter any further.

In a split second, Team Leader Liao inhaled deeply and turned to leave.

He was unable to fight the woman in the detention room, and had developed PTSD just by looking at her.

No way was he entering the room!

Team Leader Liao and his men had entered the room aggressively, but were leaving quietly now.

Before long, the door closed behind them.

Lei Xiao looked at the door for some time before he finally snapped out of his shock. He could not believe his eyes. “Did they just leave?”

Many scenarios kept running through his head, but none of them happened.

Huo Yao looked sideways at him. “Then, what were you expecting? Should we have fought again?”

“A fight? Again?” Lei Xiao’s lips twitched. “Did you really fight before?”

Huo Yao retrieved her phone from her pocket and shook her head modestly. “Of course not. Just look at me. I’m a vulnerable woman. How could I fight him?”

Even though these words made complete sense, Lei Xiao could tell that those law enforcement officers were terrified when they entered the detention room. It seemed as though there was something scary in the room. There must be something more to this.

Lei Xiao pulled out the stool and sat down. After the little episode, he stopped telling Huo Yao to leave.

The detention room door opened again 10 minutes later.

This time, it was not a law enforcement officer standing outside.

When Lei Xiao looked over, he saw Min Yu at the entrance. He tapped on the table and told Huo Yao, “Time for you to go.”

Huo Yao glanced at Lei Xiao before she raised her head and nodded. “Yes, it’s time to go.”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Lei Xiao. He sat on the chair smiling without any intention to leave.

Huo Yao walked up to the door. “All settled?”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Min Yu. He asked her. “Did anything happen while I was gone?”

Huo Yao smiled. “Well, I saw a familiar face.”

The moment she finished her sentence, the law enforcement officer at the entrance veered his eyes.

Min Yu raised his brow and said, “Let’s leave.”

“Okay.” Huo Yao nodded. After taking a step, she noticed Lei Xiao was not following behind. She turned her head and saw him sitting in the detention room like an idiot.

Huo Yao raised her hand and rubbed her brow. She said annoyingly, “Do you plan to sit in there forever?”

Lei Xiao did not quite understand what she meant and simply looked at the entrance.

“He has gone daft.” Huo Yao shook her head. After calling his name again, Lei Xiao finally snapped out of his shock.

He hurriedly stood up and walked over quickly. “Are you saying I can leave?”

“If you want to continue staying here, I won’t stop you,” said Huo Yao before ignoring him and walking off with Min Yu.

Lei Xiao scratched his nose. He had certainly made friends with the right person. She could really do anything.

Lei Xiao hurriedly followed behind them and caught up.

Before long, they walked past the security and arrived outside the atrium.

When they were waiting at the lift, a group of people came in from the other corridor heading for the atrium. Yuan Huan was at the center, surrounded by those men.

Huo Yao was standing in front of the lift with her head lowered. She was staring at her feet and did not look around.

The law enforcement officers kept holding Yuan Huan as they proceeded even though he was already in cuffs.

He felt a little agitated about getting arrested and clearly looked upset.

From the moment he was brought to the Ministry of National Security, he was quite agitated.

When they got to the atrium, he inadvertently saw three people standing at the lift.

Yuan Huan was stunned when he saw a familiar profile.