Chapter 1341 - Now Everything Made Sense

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Chapter 1341: Now Everything Made Sense

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Someone came out of the office hurriedly. After coming out of the office, the man raised his head and looked around anxiously. When he saw Min Yu, he quickly ran over and said, “Young Master Min, one moment, please.”

It was Director Xi’s assistant. He walked over holding a document in his hand and said, “Young Master Min, Director Xi wants you to sign something.”

“Huh?” Min Yu narrowed his eyes.

“This is protocol. After all, this researcher works for the Virus Research Institute, so he’s considered to be a public official. Without your assurance, it’s hard for us to answer to our superiors.”

Huo Yao looked up slightly and glanced at the document in the assistant’s hand.

Min Yu reached his hand out and took the document. Director Xi’s assistant quickly retrieved a pen from his pocket.

After he was done signing the document, the assistant took the document back in relief. Since the lift was here, he nodded reverently to Min Yu. “Young Master Min, have a good day.”

Min Yu veered his eyes, held Huo Yao’s hand, and entered the lift.

Lei Xiao hurriedly followed behind them. As the lift door closed, he raised his head and caught sight of the people nearby with Yuan Huan in the middle.

When he saw the man in handcuffs right at the center, he found the man to be familiar.

However, he was unable to get a close look since the lift door was closing.

Lei Xiao veered his eyes. When he saw the two of them holding hands from the corner of his eye, he quietly retreated into the corner of the lift.

Meanwhile, inside the ministry.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and move along.” The law enforcement officers shoved Yuan Huan hard impatiently when he stopped moving.

Yuan Huan staggered slightly before he finally snapped out of his thoughts. He was looking at them vindictively, but he snapped out of his thoughts and composed himself with his fists clenched.

He was unsurprised about seeing the young woman here since she was with the man.

The other man was from the Virus Research Institute. Someone from the Min family had helped him and Huo Yao was also present.

If the Virus Research Institute was linked to the Min family, the Ministry of National Security would have never captured him. This meant, Huo Yao was linked to Lei Xiao and she had asked Min Yu to rescue her friend from the ministry.

The man from the Virus Research Institute was only apprehended by the Ministry of National Security because of Huo Yulin.

Something suddenly struck him. Huo Yulin and Huo Yao went by the same last name.

Yuan Huan was stunned. If they were related by blood, his injuries and his arrest at the National Academy of Medicine… all made sense now.

Yuan Huan could faintly sense the gunshot wound on his chest as he went into a daze. He was surprised by the turn of events.

Meanwhile, in the car.

Lei Xiao sat in the backseat with his hands on his legs uneasily. He looked in front of the car and asked softly. “If I leave, do I get you in trouble?”

Huo Yao looked up into the rearview mirror. “Even if it will be troublesome, you’re out already, aren’t you?”

Lei Xiao touched his nose. “Thank you.”

Huo Yao straightened her jacket and leaned sideways into the car seat backrest. “You were arrested because of my older brother. I have to thank you for helping me.”

The moment she brought up Huo Yulin, Lei Xiao asked worriedly. “Is he okay? Is he still in critical condition?”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Huo Yao. “He can get discharged in a few days.”

“That’s fast.” Lei Xiao felt relieved, but he was also amazed.

After all, the person was badly injured.

Huo Yao smiled without explaining in detail.

As she pondered, Huo Yao retrieved her phone from her pocket. She wrote down dozens of Chinese herbs and took a screenshot. After she was done, she opened her WeChat and tapped on Assistant Wang’s name. She sent the screenshot to him.