Chapter 1106 1100: Terrifying Mortal,Continuous Onslaught

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Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain unfurled to an unimaginable extent, enveloping the three Ascended amidst their shock and astonishment. The Worldly Domain of Elemental Origin conquered the world of nearly five hundred thousand miles in diameter. If the Neo-Dawn Starfield was still intact, almost three-fourths of the starfield would've been encompassed by its authority.

"..." Venerable Bluecloud found himself in a sea of thick whiteness, exuding a strong elemental aura that stung the senses and widened the pores. It felt as if he was brought into the world of another, forced to resist its unique pressure. There was a tightness to his forearms and legs, the World Pressure encroaching on his refined physique like sun-rising shadows.

A feeling of threat emerged in his heart, instinctively causing him to default to his practiced response—Conjuring a Mystic Ward! A layer of blue light flared into existence, pushing away the World Pressure that surged towards him from every direction.

With his Spiritual Sense, he observed Kun Yiming and Venerable Slayingsword, and their responses weren't much different. Kun Yiming conjured her Mystic Ward and exerted the power of her Silverflow Wings to manifest a silver-colored Mystic Ward reinforced by her armament. Venerable Slayingsword's pre-existing ward of sword light intensified, circulating with a hum of the blade.

Yet, despite appropriately and relatively easily defending against the World Pressure, not a single one had any sort of calm or happiness from this result. The fact that the World Pressure of a Mortal had brought them, genuine Ascended beings, a sense of threat was enough to wipe away all complacency.

Wei Wuyin nodded approvingly. "Good. If I had made my move and you all died due to carelessness, I'd have felt deeply unsatisfied."

"..." The three exchanged looks, seeing the uncertain emotions flowing through each other's eyes. Wasn't Wei Wuyin an Alchemist? Wasn't he at the level of a Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist before the age of a hundred? What type of foundation had to be required to manifest a Worldly Domain of this size? Or was this a result of a Cultivation Method that focused on Worldly Domain expansion? They were unable to determine which, but they felt increasingly sieged by waves of uncertainty, shock, and disbelief.

If someone told them a Worldly Domain of a Temporal Eye Phase cultivator could reach 777,000,000 meters in diameter, no, even if it was a Starlord, they would laugh at them and call them ignorant fools with grand dreams. Maybe, just maybe, they shouldn't let their imagination run too wild.

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The expressions of the Ascended trio drastically changed. They were only a few meters away from Wei Wuyin, an entirely negligible distance for them, but this also meant it was an equally irrelevant distance for their Lord!

Venerable Bluecloud's eyes contracted slightly as he put out his right hand, Mystic Power flowing through his arms into his palm as he opened it to catch the incoming fist. The fist was like a planet-devastating meteor, searing across space so powerful that distortions formed, and a wisp of gravitational power erupted!

Venerable Bluecloud found his open palm moved on its own, his entire body was soon affected as he was pulled in. His eyes widened as he felt a gushing wave of World Pressure crash against his spine and legs, causing his Mystic Ward to ripple endlessly, and his right arm felt as if it was pulled by a magnetic force, attracted to the palm. The short distance between them was enough for him to accelerate to an ungodly degree of speed, and his palm slammed into the already forceful and speedy fist causing two fast-moving forces to collide!

The Mystic Ward around Venerable Bluecloud's fingers resisted, but the resulting explosion caused him to explode backward as his arm ached, only soothed by the circulation of his Mystic Power.

His body flew back uncontrollably for ten thousand miles. During this, World Pressure struck like vicious eels, smashing at him from every angle, causing him to spiral out of control for a second. There was no way to describe the level of shock that Venerable Bluecloud's heart felt at this moment!

Two violent explosions and a sword howl erupted within Venerable Bluecloud's perception as he exerted his control over the ambient mana to regain his stability, yet he found the mana was unresponsive, sending him further back. His heart thumped fiercely as the mana refused to heed his call despite his Mystic Soul's greatest efforts. It was as if it was under the control of a true administrator, and his rights as its moderator were stripped from him. A type of domineering will lingered within the mana, one that he had never felt before as an Ascended being!

It took him another moment to exude a wave of forceful Mystic Power, beating back the assaulting and destabilizing World Pressure, halting his momentum, and regaining an upright figure with his eyes flaring with spiritual light. Despite all this, he felt a line of warmth at the sides of his lips. He subconsciously wiped it away with his left sleeve, his eyes focused on the explosive and howling sounds.

In the distance, a figure wreathed in silvery light was spiraling tens of thousands of miles away, just as he was, with two others fighting as the white world seethed.

"Such strength!" Wei Wuyin was launching his physical body at Venerable Slayingsword, thrusting out continuous punches that were met by sword light. The sword light flowed sharply, carrying an innate will to kill, yet the sword light scattered with every planet-destroying fist of Wei Wuyin! It was like fireworks at this point, with scattering bits of sword light bursting intermittently with each assault.

"Hm?" Venerable Bluecloud saw the glaring deep-blue color on his blue robes, finding it quite noticeable. It reeked of blood and physical energies. His head reeled back in disbelief! Was he bleeding? He was bleeding? Was he really bleeding?

Injured by a single punch?

Ba-dum! Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

He could feel his heart throbbing violently as the situation that hadn't fully taken hold in his mind was slowly doing so.

"Don't get distracted." A cold, indifferent voice sounded as Venerable Bluecloud lifted his head. He saw a shoe speed towards him, and he tried to react. Unfortunately, as he did, World Pressure besieged him from the legs, spine, and shoulders, and his response was delayed by the smallest of milliseconds. On the opposing side, his body jolted forward by a strange gravitational force that he could barely resist.

A leg kicked into his face, while protected by a layer of Mystic Power, was enough to generate a thunderous sound!

His head reeled back as he was sent backward, spinning chaotically through the Dark Void, or to be more precise, Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain of Elemental Origin! A wave of heat and pain stung his nose, and he could see deep-blue blood flow out of his nostrils.

A sword howl screeched!

But it was followed by an even louder thunderous sound, causing the sword howl to abruptly cease unnaturally.

Instinctively, Venerable Bluecloud once again attempted to resort to using the ambient mana to stabilize his turbulent body—it failed. Fortunately, he was quick to realize his mistake and erupted with another wave of Mystic Power, immediately halting his momentum once again.

"If you continue to be this slow, you'll sooner die without fighting back." A voice that felt ghostly and ghastly to hear resounded from behind him via a spiritual transmission. A pang of fear struck his heart as he felt a fist smash against his right ribs, somehow piercing through his Mystic Ward, causing his internal organs to shriek out in pain as he was once again sent flying.


Three sword howls erupted as Venerable Bluecloud barely saw a gushing ocean of sword light fall toward his previous location. A figure was facing this ocean without fear. While his aura was permeated with a Mortal Dao Aura, he was fearless before the grand might of an Ascended. That tall, confident figure had inspired both boundless respect and endless fear.

Could this really be a mere mortal?!

Before Venerable Bluecloud could see the end result of the clash, a ray of silvery flowing light zipped by his side, grabbing him by the robes as it shot in the direction that he felt was upwards. A smooth hand had clutched at his robes, and there were lines of blood dripping from that hand, staining his robe. He discovered that the bloody hand was injured.

"Yiming?" He realized that Kun Yiming, the wife of his lucky grandson, flying with a grim countenance that marred her pretty looks, was carrying him. She was clearly trying to reach a destination!

"We need to escape the range of this Worldly Domain!" Kun Yiming said, but it didn't feel like she was talking to Venerable Bluecloud, but herself as a wisp of dread leaked out of her eyes in the form of dreary spiritual light.

"Worldly Domain?" Venerable Bluecloud was truly a little slow at this moment. He had been the first struck, so he was reeling from the disparity between personally held belief and reality, while the other two had seen and noticed the strength that the silver-eyed heaven-defying demon they called Lord Wei had attacked with. They instantly responded, both were younger and faster than Venerable Bluecloud, a dedicated Spirit-type Cultivator, and attacked without holding back!

Seeing Venerable Bluecloud sent flying without the ability to resist had instantly brought them to the realization that Wei Wuyin was serious—he was aiming to kill them!

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