Chapter 1107 1101: Terrifying Mortal,Lnescapable Domain

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It didn't even matter why, because Wei Wuyin was too terrifying right now!

"Yes!" Kun Yiming responded as she pulsed with waves of Mystic Power, warding off the continuous siege of World Pressure. "We're entirely cut off from using external power here! And the World Pressure here is greater than ours. But all the energy, essence, and mana here, everything, it's—" She hastily explained, but halted midway. Those at the Mystic Ascendant Realm's Soul of Mysticism Phase still had World Pressure, and it was empowered by their Mystic Soul and Power, yet while intrinsically it was stronger, Wei Wuyin's World Pressure was far, far heavier.

After all, even if they had a thousand pounds of gold against ten thousand pounds of feathers, the feathers would still be heavier!

"Cut off?" Venerable Bluecloud tried to access the ambient energies and chaos mana, attempting to exert some type of control but found himself unable to do so.

Kun Yiming's speed increased as panic seethed in her pupils. In the distance, a figure was coming towards them as a comet of sword light was sent flying in the opposite direction, releasing spurts of chaotic sword light. With her Silverflow Wings, she was undeniably the fastest among the three.

Venerable Bluecloud turned to see the youthful and unearthly handsome visage of Wei Wuyin walk towards them casually, like an immortal of ancient myth, and with each step, the elemental forces of the world, even light energies and spatial energies, all gathered to push him forward.

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With a single step, Wei Wuyin moved ten thousand miles.

There was a reason why very few wished to fight others within a Worldly Domain. In this domain of theirs, they controlled the entire world! And they were stupid enough to allow themselves to be caught in it.

"Shatter it!" Venerable Bluecloud shouted urgently, realizing that Wei Wuyin was fully capitalizing on the abnormal power and size of his Worldly Domain, essentially seizing nearly 500,000 miles of ambient energies and essence into his own strength!

But they were Ascended beings, while Wei Wuyin was a Mortal, and this was still a mortal's Worldly Domain. While Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain might be ten thousand pounds of feathers, it was still feathers in the end! It could be scattered with a single blow!

"Shut it and focus!" Kun Yiming rebuked, but her expression changed as she flew a gravitational force of ungodly levels causing her body to slow them. A flash of horror flitted across her pretty face, and she clenched Venerable Bluecloud and tossed him with her Mystic Power exploding.

The old man was sent tumbling away as his eyes watched Wei Wuyin engage Kun Yiming in close combat. They struck with the force and speed of lightning, and in the end, a silver light scattered as the protective ward of Kun Yiming collapsed.

"Use your spells! Hurry!" She cried out in panic, followed by a sharp groan of pain as a loud, bone-shattering sound shook the Worldly Domain. Her wings shook as ten thousand clones of her manifested, and then she scattered into all directions.

Venerable Bluecloud's eyes flashed, forming hand-seals as his Spiritual Power began to manifest. As a Spirit-type Cultivator, his spells could affect ordinary Demi-Mortal Lords! If he began to unleash disrupting spells, the flow of battle will definitely fall in their favor as Wei Wuyin was halted. This was why Wei Wuyin attacked him first!

While it was for a brief instant, it was enough to cause Wei Wuyin to catch up to Kun Yiming, pinpointing the truth amongst the falsehood as he punched at her fleeing figure. She erupted with vast power in her defense. There was no art or form to it, simply pure and explosive Mystic Power! It was a quick and explosive move that even Wei Wuyin had the shortest time to react to, causing him to be sent back.

Kun Yiming clutched her broken left arm, grimacing in pain as she increased her speed. She looked back to Venerable Bluecloud who was pulsing with power. "No! Don't!" He was trying to gather strength to shatter Wei Wuyin's Domain!

But how could they not have thought of that? Shattering a Worldly Domain was the hardest to do from the inside, hence why she wanted to escape. At their cultivation against Wei Wuyin's, typically it should be easy, but Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain was simply too big! Yet that wasn't all.

Before she could warn Venerable Bluecloud, Wei Wuyin shifted his focus from her to him, and her eyes trembled.

"HUU!" Venerable Bluecloud unleashed a piercing area-of-effect Mystic Art, intending to sunder the Worldly Domain as he would a planet, destroying it in every direction! If this was a normal planet, it would've suffered complete annihilation like Ever-Sky.

"Idiot!" Kun Yiming cursed, but she too was like the old man. The issue was that to them, the preconceptions of their abilities and limitations were deeply inaccurate when it came to this situation! Why?

The Worldly Domain was too…

Venerable Bluecloud expelled his Mystic Power in a grand, devastating manner, sundering left, right, up, and down without the slightest bit of mercy. While shattering Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain would damage his Domain Seed, he had given them the go-ahead to fight without holding back lest he let that Fire Phoenix of his burn them into ash!

So, he decided to exert everything!

His Mystic Power spread wildly outwards, causing the Worldly Domain to seemingly suffer, scatter, and grow increasingly unstable as if it was going to fall apart. Wherever the Mystic Power went, the Worldly Domain was dissipated! It lost its ability to seize energies, essence, and mana in those areas while revealing a large swath of empty space in the Dark Void.

Fifty thousand miles!!


Venerable Bluecloud's Mystic Power was truly destructive and working! And then, it reached a hundred and twenty-three thousand miles, and the fuel that was Venerable Bluecloud's Mystic Core began to experience some depletion signs. His eyes widened as he inspected the Worldly Domain, and as his Mystic Power grew further away, so did the power he could fuel it, while it had to maintain an equal degree of strength everywhere else.

Kun Yiming cursed, remembering her first action when she realized the absurdity of Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain. She had similarly tried to shatter it, but it was just too…

What she didn't initially realize was that while yes, Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain was simply too massive, spreading nearly five hundred thousand miles of distance; more importantly, the Worldly Domain of Elemental Origin was empowered by Shifting Elemental Soul Light! It gained its unique properties of endless permutations and transformations, and this was merely the tip of the iceberg!

Therefore, while it seemed that the Mystic Power of Kun Yiming had destroyed a portion of the Worldly Domain, that was far from the truth, and Venerable Bluecloud, a Spirit-type Cultivator with vastly superior Spiritual Sense, immediately noticed as a light of fear and horror flashed after the discovery!

His Spiritual Sense expanded while he assaulted the Worldly Domain, and he extended to 300,000 miles out in a single direction, yet…he still saw nothing but a world of elemental whiteness.

"It's…it's shifting away from the attack? IT CAN MOVE BEYOND WEI WUYIN AS THE EPICENTER?" Since Wei Wuyin was only twenty thousand miles away from him, by estimation, the Worldly Domain's radius should only be 240,000 miles! But it was 300,000 miles out!

Unless Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain was over 600,000 miles or nearly a billion meters in diameter, this shouldn't be possible! It was only by observing how his Mystic Power rampaged and destroyed that he realized the white world wasn't being damaged at all, this was a misconception of it simply moving away and the brief instability this caused!

It was simply avoiding his Mystic Power!

True terror filled his very soul. What type of ability was this? A Worldly Domain that can move beyond its limits, changing its shape from the typically unchangeable sphere to a distorted one of any type?!

Not even Kun Yiming knew of this detail, but if she had, she would feel horrified simply due to the implication! As long as they were within Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain unless they escaped in a single move, he would be able to have the Worldly Domain follow them in every direction they fled.

Unfortunately, Venerable Bluecloud had exhausted himself with this futile attempt, using Mystic Power that he would never regain. He didn't wish to lose any more power and cut off the fuel for the spreading power.

Wei Wuyin was like a ghost as he arrived before Venerable Bluecloud, the latter's eyes shrunk as he was instantly hit by two punches in the face—a left and a right. Then, Wei Wuyin kicked out, crushing his Mystic Ward with such tyrannical strength that his sternum cracked as saliva spewed out of his mouth alongside deep-blue blood!

He was sent a full thirty thousand miles back and he didn't seem to be stopping. Exhausted as he was, he couldn't easily exert another burst of power to stabilize himself like before. He was like a tumbleweed in the Worldly Domain!

Venerable Slayingsword was utterly relentless amongst the three, streaking across the Worldly Domain as a ray of sword light. Amongst the three, he was unyielding in his desire to fight in close combat.

Wei Wuyin spun around; with two fists, he punched out as the energy, essence, mana, and World Pressure coalesced with his Elemental Origin Force and Draconic Force combined, jetting out like a titanic dragon of unimaginable power that smashed against the sharp and murderous sword light. The light scattered once again, sent flying back with a speed even faster than it did while approaching.

Knowing the explosive lethality of a Sword Cultivator, Wei Wuyin refused to engage Venerable Slayingsword in close combat unless he used his Draconic Transformation or brought out his saber, especially with a Spirit-type Cultivator and a Long-Range fighter as backup.

With a step, he sped toward Kun Yiming.

Kun Yiming's eyes reflected her exhaustion. She understood that Wei Wuyin wasn't using his own power to fight them, but converted nearly five hundred thousand miles of ambient power into his own, and then struck with it! They weren't fighting Wei Wuyin, they were fighting a Starfield!

She turned and fled in an attempt to escape, drawing Wei Wuyin towards her for fear of shattering his Domain from outside, hopefully buying enough time for Venerable Bluecloud and Venerable Slayingsword to gather and plot a counterattack.

If the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region knew that three genuine Ascended beings were being crushed by a mere mortal, they would…they would…

It was hard to say how they'd react as it had never been done before!

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