Chapter 1034 - : Luxurious Hostage

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“Do you think that the thoughts that have been carved into her bones will be moved because of you? You look like a great person, but why are you such a dumbass when it comes to your relationship?”

The way that Jinqian was provoking him caused his veins to pop up from all over his face.

There were veins popping up from his hand that was on the gun, and the other places where they could see his skin. His face was turning purple as well, and when he saw Di Anran staring at him, Ray began feeling more furious.

He might be a rough man used to killing people, but he was still a sensitive man.

He knew that Di Anran didn’t truly like him, but when he confessed to Di Anran, she didn’t reject him either. When he went back to his room that night, he kept thinking to himself whether he should give up on the relationship.

Now, Jinqian’s words had thoroughly broken his fragile ego.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he knew that Di Jinqian was telling the truth.

Di Anran didn’t like him at all. She was all alone now, and Ray was the man who was leading all the mercenaries that worked for her father. This was the only reason why she was with him.

She had asked him once that if her father couldn’t make it, what was she going to do?

All of a sudden, Ray came to his senses.

Di Anran felt embarrassed as she listened to how Jinqian talked about her and Ray as if they were a couple. She was biting onto her lips so hard that they were about to bleed.

That’s right. From Di Anran’s point of view, she would never accept someone like Ray. Even standing next to him or mentioning their names together wasfull of humiliation for Di Anran.

However, she didn’t open her mouth.

If Di Jinqian wanted to dig her own grave, why wouldn’t she allow it?

She was thinking that Ray would lose his mind and strangle this wicked woman standing in front of them. Even if he didn’t strangle her, he would at least give her a few slaps to wake her up.

However, what she had expected did not happen.

Ray looked at Jinqian and said, “Miss Di, I think that perhaps now, you still aren’t aware of your circumstances, but you are Dr. J and you have the right to be arrogant. Your only job here is to treat my boss and give him the surgery. I don’t care about whatever you want to say to me, but keep in mind that you are to succeed in the surgery. You are not allowed to fail. If you mess up the surgery, you will be buried as well. Do you understand?”

Di Anran bit her lips harder and it started bleeding.

Di Jinqian raised her brows. She didn’t answer to say whether she understood him or not. Instead, she demanded something else.

“Since you want me to do the surgery, you should treat me better. Get me a pair of shoes. Also, I’m thirsty. I want some tea. Bring me the best that you have. I don’t like plain water or water with lemons.”

Di Anran couldn’t believe her ears!

As for Ray, this was indeed the first time that he has met such an interesting woman and thought differently about her. He signalled to one of his men and walked out of the room.

As he left the room, he didn’t even bat an eyelash to Di Anran.

Di Anran’s face immediately turned white.

She had to depend on Ray if she wanted to survive in the Extremes.

However, when Ray walked past her, it felt like a cold win that had blown past her.

Did he really come to his senses because of what Jinqian just said?!

Di Anran was dumbfounded while Di Jinqian chuckled, “Oops? I think your man has awakened from his fantasy.”

Di Anran looked up at Di Jinqian in disbelief. She was so mad that her body started shaking.

However, she still kept herself in check and did not lose her mind like before.