Chapter 1035 - She Can Fight

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“Big sister, no matter what, we are from the same family. I am your younger sister… Oh, my bad. I was born first, which makes me your elder sister. You have already kicked me out of my own home and taken away my parents, my winery, and my team that I have built with blood and sweat. What else do you want from me?”

Di Jinqian was still smiling brightly, completely ignoring what Di Anran was saying.

“You are the one who brought me here. I haven’t even asked you anything and yet you’re asking me first?”

Di Anran was speechless.

She realized that not only was this woman gutsy, her mouth was vicious as well.

Di Anran couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to slap Jinqian on the face.

In fact, she wanted to kill Jinqian, but they needed Jinqian to do the surgery, she could only kill her after that.

Still, she could still frighten Jinqian a little before that.

However, before she could do anything, Zhan Shuyu walked into the room.

When she saw Zhan Shuyu, who hated Jinqian as well, Di Anran immediately took two steps back.

This was because ever since she was a young girl, she grew up with her brothers, who were smart people, and she had learnt how to hide her true intentions.

Although she hated Jinqian and wanted her dead, she only dared to attack Jinqian behind her back. She would never dare to fight Jinqian openly, since she was worried that Jinqian would attack her instead.

“Jinqian, you b*tch! I guess your life is in my hands now!”

Jinqian looked at Zhan Shuyu, who looked at least 10 years older, and smiled.

She waved her hand and said, “Hi! Second sister! We meet once again! I didn’t think that you would be able to survive the Extremes! Congratulations!”

Jinqian’s words definitely poked the right spot and Zhan Shuyu screamed in rage. She ran towards Jinqian and wanted to put her hands on Jinqian’s neck.

Zhan Shuyu was a young miss from the Zhan family. Master Zhan raised them as Zhan Lichuan’s siblings and was hoping that they could help him, which was why she was trained so well.

Her hands were just about to reach Jinqian’s neck and Zhan Shuyu was looking happy about finally getting her revenge, but before she could react, her arm was trapped by something else.

With a cry, Zhan Shuyu was pulled onto the bed.

On the other hand, the woman, lying on the bed like a vixen, was suddenly on top of Zhan Shuyu. One of her hands was grabbing Zhan Shuyu’s right wrist while her knees were on Zhan Shuyu’s left wrist.

She didn’t even see Jinqian moving, but Zhan Shuyu had already lost.

The mercenaries, who were in the room, immediately pointed their guns at Jinqian’s head and screamed, “Freeze! Let go of her!”

Di Anran looked at how Zhan Shuyuwas caught, shocked.

She felt happy that it wasn’t her in Zhan Shuyu’s position, but at the same time, she couldn’t understand how that idiot, Cheng Shuyu, raised Jinqian when she was younger.

Not only was she Dr. J, she knew how to fight as well. She was totally different from Jing Lu, who was completely useless.

Zhan Shuyu was shocked as well. She didn’t think that this random girl that she had picked after listening to the words of the master would be someone like this. Zhan Shuyu had only randomly picked her because her Bazi suited her brother’s and she was someone who was not loved in her family. How did this woman suddenly become Dr. J and someone who knew how to fight?!