Chapter 1037 - Breaking All of Her Bones

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She was treating Zhan Shuyu like a dog. Jinqian was the master who was feeding her dog.

No matter how powerful Zhan Shuyu felt previously, Jinqian treated her like a useless creature. She had to admit that Jinqian was not someone that she could just stomp on!

This woman was a poisonous worm!

Jinqian waited for Zhan Shuyu to swallow down all of her teeth and blood before feeling much better.

After all that, Zhan Shuyu felt as if she was half dead, losing almost all of the energy in her body.

Jinqian sat on her with an arrogant expression on her face, which conveyed ‘I am bullying you,’ as she looked down at Zhan Shuyu and said, “You really look 10 years older now. Without your teeth, I’m sure that no one will want you now. I hope that you will be wise now and stop thinking about Ah Chuan. He is mine!”

Such domineering words shocked both Zhan Shuyu and Di Anran.

Most women would be proud of having a man like Zhan Lichuan, and wasn’t it normal for women to be envious of each other?

Was there anyone who would punch out all of the teeth of their love rival so that they wouldn’t touch her man?!

“Jing! Qian!”

Zhan Shuyu gritted her ‘gums’ as she called out Jinqian’s name.

Jinqian gave a hard kick to Zhan Shuyu’s chest. Zhan Shuyu felt as if her chest was about to break apart because of how hard the kick was.

After the violent attack, Jinqian corrected her, “Di Jinqian, or you can call me Young Mistress Zhan!”

“Jinqian! You b*tch! I will never forgive you!”

“What are you doing here?!”

When Ray walked back into the room and saw Zhan Shuyu, he tried to save her.

However, Jinqian stopped him.

“This woman wanted to strangle me earlier and I am extremely unhappy now. If you allow me to feel this way, I won’t be doing the surgery.”

Ray was frustrated and tried to deter this arrogant woman!

Jinqian stared at him, not showing even the slightest fear in her eyes.

“Di Jinqian, do you know where you are now? You are our hostage! Your life is in our hands! If we want you to do the surgery, you are going to do as you are told! We have lots of ways to ensure that you die in pain! Do you understand?!”

Jinqian chuckled instead, “Of course but… I really don’t like being threatened. No one can force me to do anything that I don’t want to do.”

Ray gave Zhan Shuyu a disgusting look when he saw how she looked like a toothless grandmother. He said with a cold tone, “Looks like Ms. Di really really has no idea of making a better choice here.”

Ray glared at Jinqian with a furious look on his face, and it was so scary that even Di Anran was frightened, but Jinqian did not even bat an eyelash as she continued saying, “Well, that’s not entirely true.”

Jinqian pointed at Zhan Shuyu and said, “I don’t like this woman. She is the one who harmed my husband, but I never got the chance to punish her. I finally got the chance to see her now! So, why don’t you break all of the bones in her body in exchange for the surgery? I can promise you that it will be a success!”

“Di Jinqian! Are you crazy?! I am the boss here! How dare you get them to hurt me?!”

Another huge slap landed on Zhan Shuyu’s face and her nose started bleeding as well.