Chapter 1039 - A Business Deal

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Chapter 1039: 1039: A Business Deal

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Ten percent of the Ops Corporate shares!

Ray’s lips were shivering when he heard the amount.

This was because they all heard Zhan Shuyu talking about how much it was worth.

When Jinqian saw how shocked they were, she immediately realized that all of them were broke. This was why they had to use such a stupid method to get her here for the surgery.

Jinqian smiled and said, “Well, I do have the money. So, even if you don’t have it, you can still give me something in exchange for the surgery. As long as I am happy with it, I will do my best during the surgery.”

“Even if the man is Di Anran’s father?” Ray asked with suspicion.

In fact, they only managed to figure out how to get Di Jinqian here, but they failed to find a solution to convince her to carry out the surgery.

Now that Jinqian was offering them a deal, Ray suddenly felt hopeful.

Was there anything else more important than their master’s life?

Ray stared at Jinqian’s eyes with the hopes of seeing through her.

Jinqian looked at him and said, “Well, of course. To me, everything is business. Instead of being afraid of me trying to mess up the surgery, why don’t you offer me a good deal? You may not have to use money. As long as I am happy with it, I will definitely do a good job with the surgery.”

“Ray! Do not listen to this woman! She is a cunning one!” Zhan Shuyu started becoming frightened.

She knew that if Jinqian asked for her life in exchange for Di Jingxuan’s surgery, they would not hesitate to do so.

Di Anran, on the other hand, did not want things to become easy for Jinqian. Since Jinqian was already here, she would not allow her to walk out of this place.

She bit her lips and said, “Brother Ray, I agree with Sister Shuyu. I feel that we should still think about it first. Father has been tortured by his disease, and we shouldn’t jump to a decision so lightly. I can’t help but think that this is part of her scheme.”

Jinqian smiled and said, “You’re right. This is an opportunity for revenge, and I am doing it toward Zhan Shuyu. Can’t you see? As for making the wrong decision, well….Di Anran, I am the only one who is confident enough to do the surgery. If you don’t trust me, why on earth did you kidnap me here?”

Ray sighed and ignored both Di Anran and Zhan Shuyu. He turned to his men and said, “Hurry up and prepare a room for Miss Di. Get her a pair of shoes. Both of you, stay by the door and do not enter without anyone’s permission!”

Zhan Shuyu and Di Anran screamed, but Ray did not answer any of them and walked out of the room.

“Miss Di, follow me please.”

There were vacant rooms in the mansion. With Ray giving the orders, all of the mercenaries were much more polite to Jinqian.

Jinqian smiled as she patted Zhan Shuyu’s cheeks. She looked down at her and said, “Do you know what it means by being slapped on the face? I am the hostage, but I can still have you beneath me.”

With that, Jinqian got off the bed barefooted and walked out of the room as if she was a vixen who had been hibernating in a cave for centuries.

What happened to the kidnapping?!

Where was the bullying?!

What happened to her begging for mercy?!

Di Anran and Zhan Shuyu looked at the woman who was walking away from them. Her body was so perfectly sculptured that it would make every human being bleed…

Was she acting like a hostage?!

She looked like a f**king queen?!

After hearing what Ray said, Di Jingkun remained quiet.

As for Foxx, he started congratulating Di Jingkun.