Chapter 1040 - 40: Foxx and Di Jingkun

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Chapter 1040: 1040: Foxx and Di Jingkun

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“Ah Kun, I think that the deal is worth it. I don’t think Zhan Shuyu is that great either. Sacrificing her life for your health is definitely a worthy exchange.”

Back in the main room, the thick-bearded Foxx was looking at Di Jingkun who was pale and about to take his last breath on his sick bed. Foxx couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Since Di Jingkun had been resuscitated from his previous episode after finishing all the pills, he had been in this state.

Without the pills, his condition got even worse—even if they saved him on time. His heart had been torturing him, and he had never gotten a good night’s sleep for the past 3 days.

Di Jingkun knew that if this were about to continue, he would be a dead man soon.

This was why after knowing that Jinqian was Dr. J, they tried their best to bring her here.

Although they had not met her, there were still security cameras in her room. When he saw how Jinqian was, he got jealous.

He couldn’t help but imagine. If only he didn’t exchange his daughter with Di Jingxuan’s and kept his own daughter with Cheng Shuyu, would Di Anran turn out like Jinqian? Would she be able to accomplish what Jinqian had?

What did he do all these years?!

He always wanted Di Jingxuan’s child to suffer so that she would experience what he had been through while growing up but was there anyone who could explain to him how on earth Jinqian turned out to be so fine? She was even better than the three boys from the Di family!

Forget about the rest, look at how she was able to be in control despite her situation. From the very beginning, she didn’t even seem frightened. Di Jingkun couldn’t help but feel heartbroken.

They were both girls while Di Anran was 3 days older than Di Jinqian. Di Anran even received 20 years of prestigious education that Di Jinqian did not have. Why on earth were they so different?!

Was it really because they had different fathers?

“Ah Kun?! Ah Kun! Hey!”

Foxx was still talking to Di Jingkun, but Di Jingkun was already lost in thought. Foxx had no other choice but to wave his hands in front of Di Jingkun’s face to get his attention.

“Di Jinqian is a smart woman. Why on earth would she want to have a business deal with me?” Di Jingkun asked with a pale look on his face.

“Have you become stupid because you have been staying in those poorer regions for the past few years?! Isn’t it a good thing that she’s smart? Smart people know when to make the best business deals! As long as you make her happy, you would be able to comfortably leave your life to her.”

“But? Do you really want to beat her up and torture her fist? If you do, why didn’t you do so when you first brought her back? You should have thrown her on the ground and frightened her first before mentioning the surgery? You know better than anyone else that this wouldn’t work.”

Seeing how Di Jingxuan was still hesitating, Foxx suddenly knew why the men that used to be working for Di Jingkun were developing much better than him.

This man was not cruel enough.

“Oh my brother! You have already kidnapped her here. Why are you still hesitating? This may be Country I, but are you sure the Di family has no connections here? Wouldn’t they be able to find this place soon? I am only doing this because you saved my life once! You should know that your brother is now the wealthiest person in Country Z. Do you know how many people would die for the chance to help him? I don’t think you nor I have the time to waste here.”

Di Jingkun looked at him and said, “Foxx, I do owe you for this.”

Although those were his words, it wasn’t something that he actually meant.