Chapter 1041 - Failed Murder Attempt

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Chapter 1041: 1041: Failed Murder Attempt

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Even when Foxx was being so thoughtful, Di Jingkun felt anger and rage instead.

Did this man really assume he had no idea what was going on?

Kidnapping Jinqian might have been for him, but to be frank, Foxx was only doing it for himself.

A few years ago, he was harmed by the devil, Saka, and had a long-term condition that ruined his career. He tried applying for surgery to Dr. J but did not receive any answer back from them.

When Foxx found out that Jinqian was Dr. J and how Di Jingkun was also trying to kidnap her, Foxx decided to give him a hand.

In fact, he was the one who wanted to torture Jinqian in the very beginning, but Foxx was the one who stopped him. He told Di Jingkun that it would be a bad idea. Di Jingkun would be the one going under for the surgery. Foxx told him there could be a possibility where Jinqian might pretend to be frightened at first, and once they got into the theater, she might take revenge there. Even if he was a powerful man, he would not have any other ways of saving himself then. This was why he did not torture Di Jinqian.

But, even if Di Jingkun was unhappy about it, he still didn’t complain.

This was because his condition was deteriorating. If it weren’t for Forbes, he would not have been able to get Jinqian here from Country S.

This was because they would have been stopped by many aviation centers in different countries, and he did not have the same connections as the Di family.

“Ah Kun, stop thinking about it. What other choice do you have? If you aren’t willing to negotiate with her, let me do it then? Or else, why did you bring her here? Time is ticking. What if the Di family gets here before you get your surgery done? I think the best way is to convince Miss Di to do the surgery willingly. Even if the Di family got here, she would still be willing to complete the surgery. Then, the Di family would not be able to do anything about it!”

Di Jingkun couldn’t even take a huge breath because of the pain in his chest. After coughing for quite some time, he gave in to reality and said, “Go ahead and bring Zhan Shuyu’s limbs. Then, bring Di Jinqian here.”

Zhan Shuyu’s mouth was hurting like crazy.

She didn’t think that Jinqian could be someone so strong. She only landed four slaps, but she had lost all of her teeth.

Zhan Shuyu was still wondering if her gums were still intact and if she was able to implant back some of her teeth.

Then, Zhan Shuyu saw Di Anran who was lucky enough to dodge all of these. She felt even angrier than before.

She was disgraced by Jinqian back in the Zhan family, and when they got here, she was still the one being bullied.

Zhan Shuyu would never be able to get over it. She could no longer hide the hatred in her eyes as she glared at Di Jinqian.

Di Anran called Zhan Shuyu and followed her with a curious mind.

Although she wanted her father to be treated, she still didn’t want Di Jinqian to have a good life.

In the end, Jinqian was arranged into a comfortable room, and they brought her new clothes and shoes.

As soon as that was done, Zhan Shuyu rushed into the room.

The mercenaries rushed into the room as well.

Jinqian’s eyes turned cold. She managed to dodge the bullet aimed at her head by just slightly moving her body.

Zhan Shuyu couldn’t believe it. Jinqian wouldn’t have been able to see this coming. Plus, she was so close to Jinqian, but she still failed to kill her!