Chapter 1043 - Last Resort

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Chapter 1043: 1043: Last Resort

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The radiating intense pain made her realize the truth.

She was merely a dog working for Di Jingkun. If her existence had hindered what he wanted, Di Jingkun would definitely be willing to sacrifice her.

However, she had been brought up in the Zhan family. She had always been above others. Even when she was the one who harmed Zhan Lichuan, she was still the granddaughter of the Zhan family, and Zhan Lichuan did not kill her. She was only left at the Extremes.

Therefore, when she joined Di Jingkun, she still had power even when she didn’t have the money.

Now that her ego had been crushed by Jinqian on the ground repeatedly, she finally felt frightened.

With one word from her, Zhan Shuyu could be killed.

The massive pain she was feeling from all over her body made her see reality.

She was lying on the ground as she crawled toward Jinqian. She grabbed onto Jinqian’s ankle and begged for mercy.

Jinqian had a cold look in her eyes, and she smiled.

“You’re saying Ah Chuan wouldn’t forgive me?”

Zhan Shuyu quickly added, “Ah Chuan is my younger brother. We may not be related by blood, but we grew up together. When we weren’t aware that we aren’t related biologically, we have always been two peas in a pod. Then, when I found out about the truth, nothing changed. Even when I…”

“When you paralyzed him?”

Zhan Shuyu shook her head and said, “No! That’s not my fault! I wasn’t the one who did it.”

“Oh? Then could you tell me who it is?”

“I don’t know. I….. AHHHHHHH––!!!!”

Zhan Shuyu didn’t even get to finish her sentence when Di Jinqian stepped on her.

In that instance, two other bone-cracking sounds came from her arms.

As Zhan Shuyu cried in pain, the look on Ray’s face changed.

With that alone, Di Jinqian managed to crush all of the bones in Zhan Shuyu’s left hand and fingers.

It wasn’t just broken. It was pulverized into ashes.

This was even worse than chopping off her hands.

When one limb gets chopped off, as long as the nerves are still intact, she will still be able to keep it if they managed to save it in time, but from the sound of it, Zhan Shuyu will never be able to save her arm.

She was also a doctor and a famous surgeon. She knew that her entire arm was now useless.

Due to the pain, Zhan Shuyu instantly fainted.

Jinqian looked at Ray and told him, “Wake her up.”

Ray then turned toward his men and ordered, “Go get some water.”

“So troublesome?” Jinqian looked at Ray, and he could feel that this woman had just rolled her eyes.

Jinqian picked up a spoon from the table and pressed it onto one of the acupuncture points on Zhan Shuyu’s neck.

Zhan Shuyu woke up screaming in pain.

Jinqian looked at Zhan Shuyu and asked in a cold tone, “Do you know who it is now?”

Zhan Shuyu wanted to die. She turned toward Di Anran as she helplessly tried to beg for help, “Save me!!! Anran! Please!!!!”

Di Anran’s eyes widened in shock. She took a few steps backward. At this point, she wanted to take a gun and shoot Zhan Shuyu.

Di Jinqian was a crazy woman! Zhan Shuyu was asking her for help? Di Anran was still worried that Jinqian would ask her father for her life in exchange for the surgery.

If Di Jinqian asked for it, the next one would be Di Anran, and her father would have agreed.

This was why Di Anran was trying her best to hide from this woman, but Zhan Shuyu called for her instead!

Di Anran was so scared that she looked at Jinqian. That’s when Jinqian looked at her, and she quickly turned away.