Chapter 1171 - : Blurred

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Chapter 1171: 1171: Blurred

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Then, there was an extreme sport that was being played on the screen.

“I thought that there might be kids here at the livestream and decided to blur out some parts of the video. I hope you wouldn’t mind?”

[Blurred out?! What the hell!]

[Hey! The prince doesn’t look that fat!]

[Sister Qian, you didn’t blur out the hair that is coming from Prince Di’s mole.]

Lee Jiayin couldn’t believe her eyes.

Although the age-limited footage shown was clearly taken secretly from across the street, these two shameless people had already started kissing and did it straight on the table without even closing the curtains…

As Lee Jiayin looked at how satisfied her younger sister looked, her eyes were about to pop out of her eyes.

“Well, I guess this is enough. Seeing how we’re related, I shall save you the trouble. This is your sister, after all, and you would be sad. As for whether or not your niece is actually your husband’s daughter, you should be able to figure it out since you would still be meeting them. Then…. Let’s move on to the others.”

Lee Jiayin didn’t understand what she meant by ‘others.’

She froze as she stared at the screen, which clearly showed that he was sleeping with 5 other women, and one of them was in Country Z.

Since Di Jingxuan was the richest man in Country Z, all of them thought that it was easy to get money over there. So, for the past few years, Di Jingan has been slowly transferring his money over to Country Z and had become one of the wealthiest men in that country.

Although he still wasn’t considered as famous, he had a huge business in foreign transport and it was mostly catered to Country B’s exports.

Di Jingan passed out after spitting out another mouthful of blood.

This was because he didn’t have much money left in Country B. He had almost moved all of his money to his fifth mistress in Country Z.

When Jinqian exposed hm having other mistresses, he was worried that Jinqian would find his fifth mistress.

Once his fifth mistress was exposed, it would be impossible for him to keep all the money that he had.

Afterall, he was the one who killed Di Jingxuan’s father. With Di Jingxuan’s abilities, he will never allow Di Jingan’s business to continue.

He only came for a fashion contest and he was hoping to teach Jinqian a lesson using the competition, so that she could learn the ways of how the society worked.

In the end, he was the one who was taught a huge lesson.

She even told him that society was evil, and that it was disgusting.

The competition lasted for an hour, but the rest of the show went on for 2 hours.

Finally, after the drama, the competition continued.

The competition started at ten in the morning and by the time everything was over, it was already one in the afternoon.

In order to thank the audience for being so cooperative, the marquis’s estate had provided lunch for them and they could eat to their heart’s content.

Therefore, the contestants continued with the competition while the audience enjoyed their food and watched the show.

[I’m getting hungry too!]

[Although I wasn’t there personally, I didn’t want to miss anything. I didn’t even drink a single sip of water…]

[We will definitely have to pay for the other shows that Sister Qian is involved in.]

[How’s the food? Is it sweet? Salty? Spicy? Aromatic?]

The netizens on the livestream saw how the audience were enjoying their meal, and it was as if the smell of the food that they were having could penetrate through their screen.

The Chloe Contest finally ended after one last commercial break.

Jing Jie undoubtedly won first, as his designs were brilliant.