Chapter 1173 - Di Zhong has Arrived

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Chapter 1173: 1173: Di Zhong has Arrived

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Usually, it would be between 50 to 70 million.

However, Jinqian had already thought it through. Once she started the drama, it would definitely cause an uproar in the audience watching the show. Therefore, she decided to use the AO2 server, and also have the livestream done on platforms belonging to the Ops Corporates.

This meant that everyone who was watching the livestream, no matter which app they used, as long as it was the official channel, would be under the Ops Coporates.

Therefore, even when the number rose to 700 million, the server did not crash. The entire scene was captured in the sharpest resolution with the best speed.

As there were 700 million people watching, Chloe gained fame and even the marquis’s estate got famous. Jing Jie got famous as well. Most importantly, Di Jingan and his family became the most famous people in the world.

Di Zhong, who was the king of Country B, was swarmed with bad news as soon as he stepped foot in Country I.

If it wasn’t because Di Zhong, who loved power and authority and had been through harsh storms in order to secure his position as the king despite his age,, he would have passed out from the rage after hearing all this bad news.

His son, Di Xunren, was his pride.

If Di Xunren was still alive and stayed in Country B, Di Zhong would have allowed him to be king.

Unfortunately, after raising his son, a woman appeared out of nowhere, one who had no background or support, and took away his son.

He didn’t want to allow this peasant woman into the family, but his son wanted to leave with the woman.

He tried his best to stop them. Still, Di Zhong would have agreed to allowing her into the family only if they continued begging him.

However, that damn woman took away his son.

His precious son, the man who was supposed to inherit the throne, would rather abandon it for a woman who came out of the blue. He didn’t even get the chance to hold onto his son, and they had already announced that they would be leaving the royal family!

This was his favorite son!

Even if this happened 50 years ago, he still hated that woman called Sang Mo.

He was still mad at her even when he had already killed her.

Di Zhong thought that after that damn woman’s death, his son would return to him. His son would then listen to him and marry a daughter of the Li family, giving birth to a qualified heir to the throne.

But… This son that he had put in all that love and effort for had cut ties with him. Di Xunren would rather leave the family with his son than marry another woman!

Di Xunren! He was the son that Di Zhong loved most! Even when he hated Di Xunren, he still didn’t bear to kill or harm Di Xunren.

Such a perfect heir was then killed by that trash Di Jingan.

Di Jingan was really a scumbag who wasn’t good at anything other than harming others.

Even when his brother, Di Jingchen, had different tactics and schemes, Di Jingan was still able to survive in the royal family with his own nasty tricks.

He didn’t think that this man, who was undefeatable, would reach the end of his life in a fashion designing contest that his daughter had participated in. He had helped his daughter in cheating at the contest so that he could flaunt the trophy, but he ended up being buried in his grave.

Perhaps, this was the pressure from the royal bloodline!

Di Xunren was much smarter than his brother Di Xunheng.

Di Xunren might have died, but his son, Di Jingxuan, ended up being the richest man in Country Z.

Not only that, he even married the young miss of the Xie family.