Chapter 1174 - The Bad News

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Chapter 1174: 1174: The Bad News

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All three of his sons, other than the one who was a sidekick, were both incredibly smart men.

Previously, he thought that Di Anran was the daughter raised by Di Jingxuan and she would be a powerful person as well, which was why Di Zhong gave her a chance.

He didn’t think that Di Anran would be badly beaten up by Di Jinqian.

Ever since Di Jingkun has kidnapped Di Jinqian, the end result was Di Jinqian being freed but Di Jingkun and Di Anran were nowhere to be found.

Di Zhong took a deep breath.

Who would have thought that even a little girl from Country Z could be so vicious?

A man like Di Jingan was played by Di Jinqian.

Di Zhong walked with his cane and held onto the dignity of a king.

As the men around him finished reporting, they were waiting for an answer, but Di Zhong only gave them two words.

The man who was reporting it to him started getting anxious. Di Jingan was his boss and his life depended on Di Jingan.

However, Di Jingan had been taken away by the police of County I as soon as the contest was over. He was brought into the most strict prison ever. Even the most powerful mafia in Country I would not be able to save someone from this place.

To make the matter worse, they were from Country B and they didn’t have enough men.

“Your highness, would you be able to find a way to save Prince Di? It is a prison, after all, and he has never been in such a bad condition. We have no idea what is happening to him inside the prison. We can’t even send things in!”

Di Zhong kept his silence.

He waited till his own men were close by and signalled his men to arrest Di Jingan’s men. Then, he finally said, “Send him over to the police and tell them that this man works for Di Jingan. He was part of everything that Di Jingan has done.”

The man couldn’t believe his ears!

“Your highness, you can’t do this!”

Seeing how horrified the other person look, Di Zhong had a cruel smile on his face.

“The prince might have used a terrible idea, but he has been loyal to you! He looks up to you and admires you as his idol. No matter what he does, he has been doing it for you!”

“He killed my favorite son in order to get the throne! He was doing it for me?!”

Di Zhong’s words caused the man to turn speechless. However, Di Zhong ignored him and walked towards the crowd that was waiting for him.

Everyone in Country I knew that the king from Country B had arrived and all the furious citizens and media were already waiting for him.

Most of the media in the western countries had a great deal of freedom of speech and they were allowed to say whatever they wanted. They would not have mercy on him or pay him more respect just because he was the king.

In fact, he was from the royal family, and with everything that they had done, they should be treated as rats! Those that everyone would want to kill!

As soon as the crowd saw Di Zhong, everyone rushed forward.

The security guards tried their best to protect Di Zhong but he screamed at the top of his lungs instead, “Step back!”

The guards quickly stepped back, leaving the over domineering old man to face an angry crowd.

Di Zhong didn’t say a single word. He quickly gave a 90 degree bow to the public.

This was enough to calm down most of the people.

When he looked up once again, the old man who seemed prideful earlier had pain in his eyes. He looked beaten.