Chapter 1179 - 1179: He Should Be An Actor

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Chapter 1179: 1179: He Should Be An Actor

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“I trusted him to do a good job, but I didn’t think that it would be done by using 200 people as bait! If I knew that this was the plan, I would have never allowed such things to happen!”

Di Zhong raised his arm and gave a tight slap on Di Jingan’s face.

The huge impact from it caused the old man, Di Zhong, to topple over. Although the bodyguards managed to catch him, his glasses still fell to the floor.

“Not only did you kill my favorite son, you even sacrificed 246 innocent people. You… You deserve to rot in hell!”

Di Zhong was being held by his men and his hair was a mess.

He lost the son that he loved most and his grandson was the murderer. It was a major blow to him.

At that moment, everyone felt bad for the King of Country B!

“Grandfather, your glasses.”

Di Jingan picked up the glasses with both hands, but Di Zhong sneered. He didn’t want to take the things that Di Jingan had touched.

Di Jingan felt sad. He was like a deflated balloon and looked defeated.

“It’s all my fault! I deserve to die! I was the one who killed my uncle as well as the 246 innocent people! I-”

Suddenly, before anyone around him could react, Di Jingan broke one of the glasses and threw them in his mouth.

As for Di Zhong, he turned around and only turned back to face Di Jingan when he heard the screams.

However, Di Jingan was too quick. Within seconds, his mouth was already filled with blood.

By the time the police realized what had happened and were trying to stop him, Di Jingan had already swallowed the glass pieces and was covered in blood.

Di Jingan was then brought out of the room by the police, who quickly placed him inside the car so that he could be treated at the hospital.

As for Di Zhong, he looked shocked at first, but his eyes were filled with rage, fear, disappointment as well as sorrow.

Seeing how his wife took a deep breath, Zhan Lichuan asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Ah Chuan, I think Di Zhong is really suitable to be king.”

Zhan Lichuan raised his brows, “Oh? Why would you say so?”

“Don’t you think that his acting skills are better than those of professional actors?”

Zhan Lichuan smiled, “You’re right. Even ghosts would be afraid of thick skinned people like him. Look, he’s headed in our direction.

Di Jinqian looked ahead and saw that there were cameras around her.

This was because Di Zhong was walking toward him.

Di Jinqian quickly put on a beautiful smile as she held onto Zhan Lichuan’s arm.

Di Zhong’s legs trembled as he walked towards Jinqian. He reached out his hands and Jinqian thought he wanted to hug her. She raised her arms as well, prepared to return the hug.

But then… The other party suddenly lowered his arm.

Then, a man who was 91 years old suddenly gave her a 90 degree bow.

Di Zhong was Di Jinqian’s great grandfather. He was an elderly for Di Jinqian.

However, this old man bowed 90 degrees to his great granddaughter.

Country B and Z were eastern countries and they cared most about manners. This old man was giving such a respectful bow towards his great granddaughter, and in return, she should be getting on her knees to return the gesture.

However, just when the prideful Di ZHong lowered his head, he thought that Di Jinqian would immediately get on her knees. However, Di Jinqian stood unmoved. She kept her arms by her side and stood up straight as her great grandfather bowed to her.