Chapter 1180 - Di Zhong Controlling the Comments

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Chapter 1180: 1180: Di Zhong Controlling the Comments

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As Di Zhong was still on the plane earlier, he wasn’t clear about what had happened. After learning about everything as soon as his plane landed, he quickly looked through the clips of the contest. Then, it happened according to what he wanted.

There was also a small group of media that he bribed, and they even had a livestream turned on.

This was because all of them wanted to know what would happen to Di Jingan and were waiting to see what happens next. Some of the fans from Country Z even broke through the firewalls to watch the livestreams.

When they saw how Jinqian was unmoved when her great grandfather, the King of Country B was bowing at her, the netizens online who had been bribed started attacking Jinqian according to what Di Zhong wanted.

[Country Z is an educated country. How could she be so rude?! Her great-grandfather had already bowed to her but she is still standing there!]

[Should someone who doesn’t even have basic manners be allowed to be a celebrity? How could you be so rude just because you have a little money? People like her are not worth it. She shouldn’t even be a celebrity! Get out of the entertainment industry!]

[Woah, hater! Please be aware that Prince Di was the one who killed Jinqian’s grandfather. Although this old man was her great-grandfather, Jinqian’s family have already cut ties with them. The grandfather of the murderer is just apologizing to the victim’s family. What’s wrong with that?]

[Exactly! What did she do wrong? Sister Qian has money and power, and this was only the king of Country B. His grandson was a murderer. So what if he was bowing to her? It wouldn’t even be too much if he got on his knees!]

[Honestly speaking, I feel that Sister Qian might have gone overboard.]

Jinqian’s fanbase was in Country Z and before any one of them could enter the livestream, all of the haters had already started an uproar on the livestream.

Seeing how Jinqian wasn’t going to hold him even when he had bowed for such a long time, he remained in the same position as he said, “Qianqian, I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t raise your uncle to be a good person and he has done something so cruel as to kill his own uncle. I apologize on his behalf.”

Jinqian’s tears started pooling in her eyes as well.

She was an actress after all and she never had NGs during acting. How hard would it be for her to start crying?

Therefore, as soon as Di Zhong finished his sentence, Jinqian cried as she asked, “Great grandfather, you said that my grandfather was your favorite son. Is that true?”

Jinqian started crying, and due to this old age, Di Zhong could no longer stay in the same position and quickly straightened his back.

“Xunren, who was your grandfather, was indeed my favorite child. When the news of his death came to me, I was heartbroken. I lay in my bed the entire time. What do you think that means, my dear child?”

“If you loved my grandfather, why did you kill my grandmother?”

Jinqian’s question was sudden and it caught Di Zhong off guard. He didn’t even have the time to stop her.

Di Zhong was a little confused while speaking to this great-granddaughter of his.

Di Yale, Di Ranle, and even Di Anran would always talk to him respectfully so that he would favor them.

Why was this Jinqian trying to trigger him consistently? How dare she talk about how he killed that woman, Sang Mo, in front of so many media outlets?

It was true that Di Zhong had hired haters, but Jinqian was Di Yunxiao’s younger sister. Although she didn’t have many fans, Yunxiao had! Most of his fans on his fan page were actual human beings instead of bots.

This was the influence of an award-winning actor.