Chapter 1181 - The Popularity of an Award Winning Actor

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Chapter 1181: 1181: The Popularity of an Award Winning Actor

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As Jinqian brought up the topic, the fans quickly rushed into the live stream as soon as they realized that there were haters trying to deviate from the main point.

Then, they started targeting the haters and bribed fans on the livestream.

These haters didn’t have enough abilities to fight Di Yunxiao’s fans.

The youngest of their family was fighting for the Di family and all of them had a bad feeling about this great-grandfather of theirs.

After watching it for some time, it was true!

Then, the live streams instantly were in an uproar again.

[What?! The great-grandfather was the murder of her grandmother?! Damn! Sons do take after their father!]

[Oh wait! His son is better than him!]

[This is why if there are crooked beams above, there will be crooked beams below!]

Di Zhong felt furious, but he tried to remain calm.

“I killed your grandmother? How is that even possible? Why would I do such things? Qianqian, have you misunderstood me?”

“You wanted my grandfather to marry the woman that you wanted because the woman’s family had control over the country’s army. You wanted to secure the throne and started forcing my grandfather into it ever since he was a young boy. However, my grandfather never liked that woman because he had already fallen in love with my grandmother. They loved each other dearly.

“Great grandfather, I understand that as king, you wanted my grandfather to be the heir to the throne. You wanted the royal family of Country B to continue flourishing, but I just don’t understand why my grandfather had to marry a woman from the Li family. Since you’re that powerful and you’re so close with them, why are you afraid that you would lose your throne if my grandfather didn’t marry their daughter?”

The cameras were pointed straight at their faces and Di Zhong’s face looked horrible.

Then, he subconsciously released the domineering aura that he always had.

When Jinqian saw how he was releasing his aura, Jinqian did the same as well.

Although she was only 20 years old, 71 years younger than Di Zhong, she had already lived twice as someone with a strong personality. This was why she wasn’t anywhere below Di Zhong.

Both people had the same aura but with Jinqian’s beauty, hers was much better compared to Di Zhong.

“Great grandfather, in order to secure your throne, you tried to force my grandfather into marrying the daughter of the Li family. My grandfather refused and ran away from home with my grandmother. He even announced that he had cut ties with the royal family. I’m sure you were aware of it. If you don’t remember, everyone who’s watching this, especially those who are here, you can search for the news where my grandfather made the announcement.

“You hated the fact that my grandmother took away your son, so you hired men to kill her. My grandfather left the country with my father and their empire grew. My grandfather respected my father’s choice. When he married my mother, my grandfather gave them his blessings, but you? What did you do? In order to get him to return, you wanted my father to marry another daughter of the Li family. You repeated the same thing and went after my mother. This is why me and my brothers have been lost from our parents for 20 years!”

When the netizens heard what Jinqian said, they were pissed.

[Sister Qian, kill that old man!]

[Why have you become so gentle suddenly? Where’s your attitude? Come on, show this old man what you’ve got!]