Chapter 1182 - The Hatred of Killing a Father and a Wife

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Chapter 1182: 1182: The Hatred of Killing a Father and a Wife

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[Got damn it, this old man! He tried to kill his daughter-in-law, then his granddaughter-in-law! How dare he announce his grandson to be the next heir to the throne now?!”

Although Jinqian was not looking at the livestream, they knew that her words were enough to provoke the emotions of most of the netizens.

Di Zhong’s face turned dark, but Jinqian continued asking.

“Great grandfather, do you know what the people of Country Z hate the most? The murder of a father and the destruction of a family. As the grandfather that my father has never met, for him, you are the furthest person that he has as family. He has never met you, but you killed his mother and almost murdered his wife! You even caused him to lose two of his children. They ended up with no homes. For my father, you are only an enemy. For me, you are a nobody.

“I am calling you my great grandfather now because there are so many media here filming us. I have to be well mannered as I represent the Di family, but please do not take advantage of me being polite.”

Di Zhong narrowed his eyes. Other than the armies of Country B who had threatened him, there wasn’t anyone else who dared to say these things to him.

“What did you just say?”

Di Zhong put on his dominance as a king. He swore that he would teach this disrespectful woman a lesson for offending him.

Even if Di Jingxuan was the heir to the throne, he would still do the same.

Jinqian also noticed how her great grandfather wanted to kill her, but what could he do? She wasn’t afraid of him.

“Oh my… Great grandfather, you really are something. I am only addressingyou because I don’t want to embarrass you in public, but you should appreciate it. Otherwise, there is no relation between us. You suddenly came here seeking forgiveness and you can do so, but we should still go according to the law. Prince Di will be punished accordingly. Why have you come here, acting as if we’re close? Are we though?”

[The familiar tone, the familiar formula.]

[Exactly! The Di family in Country Z isn’t even related to Country B. Your son killed her grandfather and you’re coming here to act as if you’re family? Hoping for forgiveness?]

Di Zhong was aware that the great granddaughter standing before him was loaded and famous. She was different from the other great granddaughter that he had. In order to regain his image, Di Zhong finally spoke, “I just thought that after all these years, I have never met any of you. I was thinking that since the blood flowing in you is the same as mine, and how Di Jingan has hurt your grandfather, I just wanted to talk to you. Since you think that there’s no need for that, I… I can leave.”

No matter how sharp Di Zhong’s eyes were, Jinqian was the only one who could sense it. For the others, they could only see that as the king of a country, he had always been soft-hearted and his tone had been soft.

Di Zhong knew that he wouldn’t be able to get anything from Jinqian. He turned around and left with hesitation.

Jinqian’s voice came from behind him.

“Great grandfather, since you think that what I’ve said was true, I’m hoping that you would stay clear of us. Also, you just announced that my father was the heir to the throne. Could you please withdraw that statement right now, in front of all these people?”