Chapter 1183 - Just Take It Back

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Chapter 1183: 1183: Just Take It Back

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Jinqian’s words managed to stop Di Zhong.

He turned around and stared at Jinqian as if he was trying to warn her.

However, Jinqian ignored him and continued, “Are you wondering why I hate you? That’s right. I don’t like you at all.

“This is because you have been a bad example to your children. You killed my grandmother and your grandson killed my grandfather. With such events between us, it would be impossible for us to be family.

“So, when you said that you want my father to be the heir to the throne, did you really think that my father would want it? You didn’t discuss it with him nor did you call my father in regards to it before announcing to the world that he is the next heir to the throne.

“I heard that the royal family from Country B is quite poor. Could it be that you wanted to use my father’s fortune to compensate for all the 246 lives that your grandson has sacrificed?”

Di Zhong was stunned.

“Great grandfather, you are not the only one on earth with a brain. Please don’t take the rest of us as idiots, and you shouldn’t assume that you are the only genius. My father has just completed a surgery, which was why he couldn’t be here. So, I would need you to take back everything that you said to the media a while ago. This is because my father really does not care for the throne. I refused it.”

Di Zhong was about to become furious because of Di Jinqian.

This damn child had ruined all of his plans in front of so many people!

It would be impossible for the royal family to get enough money to compensate for 246 victims.

This was because all of the fortune that they had was stuck at a project overseas. Forget about 10 million, they couldn’t even afford 1 million. However, the news of the 246 lives lost because of Di Jingan had been exposed by Jinqian. Even if he had sent Di Jingan to jail, the royal family would still have to compensate the victims. If they only paid the least amount, which would be 5 million, he would still have to pay 1.3 billion in total.

So, as soon as he heard the news when he got off the plane, the only way to settle this was for Di Jingxuan’s family to pay for it.

This was because Di Jingxuan had the money and he didn’t.

“You refuse it? You are only his daughter! In other words, you are only a princess of Country B. The heir to the throne will not be decided by a little girl like you!”

Di Zhong turned towards where the voice came from. Then, he saw Di Yunxi, Di Yunxiao, Di Yunmo as well as Di Qingyang, who they had just recently found.

The royal family in Country B might have been cursed. Di Jingchen only had one daughter and Di Jingan had one son and one daughter. His son, Di Yunmu, was a spoiled brat.

However, Di Jingxuna had 4 sons. Forget about how their achievements were much better than Di Yunmu, all four of them have the aura that was completely different from that spoiled brat!

Seeing how these four men, who had his blood, looked so elegant, Di Zhong’s eyes were filled with hope.

It definitely wouldn’t be an insult to the Li family if any one of them married their daughter.

As long as the royal family has a marriage with the Li family, they would not be replaced by the Cheng family.

Just when Di Zhong was still looking at Di Yunxi and Di Yunxiao, the four of them stood next to Jinqian, placing her in the center.

Jinqian was already considered tall, but with her brothers, who were at least 185 cm tall, she looked tiny.

“King Di Zhong, my father, Di Jingxuan, has already learnt of the news that you announced in front of the media earlier. He was quite surprised and furious that you did not discuss this matter with him and single handedly decided that you want him to be the heir to the throne. Di Xunren might have been your son, but he had already cut ties with you when he was younger. This is also why myfather will not take you as his grandfather. He will not be taking that throne and we will not be paying for the mistakes that Di Jingan has made.”