Chapter 1078 Future Enemy #5 & Soul Contract

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As Eternal Phoenix focused her gaze and attention on Feng Tian Wu, Bai Zemin’s voice brought her back to the real world with a question that could change many things in the future.

“Leader of the Heavenly Moon Army, Leader of the Demonic Army, Leader of Endless Crimson Flame.” Bai Zemin looked at the only three Leaders still on the scene and calmly said, “You three also want to be my enemies?”

“You are too arrogant, human.” Amelia sighed.

She was about to say something else but what Bai Zemin said next cut her short and left her dumbfounded.

“Can’t you see I’m talking to the circus owner? The monkeys should obediently keep their mouth shut.”

Monkeys? Amelia blinked in surprise before she realized what was happening. Her face began to turn apple red and her seductive body began to tremble as she glared at Bai Zemin with her beautiful cat-like eyes as if she wanted to cut him into a million pieces with her claws.

Fire Sorrow coughed softly and looked at Amelia with strange eyes before looking at Bai Zemin not knowing whether to laugh or cry as she reasoned in her heart: ‘This little boy is too unruly… Not only did he threaten all the most powerful factions in the universe but he also called a Seventh Order female werewolf an ape.’

Just like the personality of a certain someone she knew in the past, in fact.

The first to reply to Bai Zemin’s question was Lethar.

The Leader of the Heavenly Moon Army considered seriously for a moment before shaking his head, “To be honest, I have no interest in this world despite its peculiarity.”

“What?” Amelia looked at Lethar in shock and said with suppressed anger, “Leader! This world has many talented soul evolvers who in a matter of a few centuries could reach the Fourth Order! Just give them a millennium and some of them could reach the pinnacle of the Fourth Order, which will allow us to add them to our ranks… Please reconsider!”

Putting aside whether Bai Zemin’s team would follow him firmly even after the next 500 years or not, there were many high quality soul evolvers on Earth; even if only a few were comparable to the elites in front of them.

Truth be told, this was the first time Amelia had encountered such a high concentration of talented soul evolvers in the same world. This was a rarity that was probably occurring for the first time in history; Amelia could not believe that a person as intelligent and clever as her Leader was giving up just like that on such a great opportunity.

However, Lethar stood his ground. He gently shook his head and said casually, “I know what you mean, Amelia. But I still have no interest in these grounds. We’re out of here.”

Saying that, Lethar looked at Bai Zemin and said coldly, “Do you know how to make a Soul Contract based on blood?”

Lethar was skeptical about a Lower Existence knowing something as advanced as forming a high-level Soul Contract with another intelligent being. However, he waited for her response instead of scoffing.

Bai Zemin remained thoughtful for a moment before calmly saying, “I don’t know how to form blood-based Soul Contracts. Even though I have a storage ring and used my blood to bind it to me, I don’t think it’s that simple, is it?”

” … Of course.” Lethar shook his head and sighed.

Bai Zemin looked at him silently and said nothing.

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Actually, he knew how to form more advanced Soul Contracts like the one he had formed with the Endless Blue Lotus Flame a long time ago. However, that kind of contract required using his soul and he didn’t want to reveal too much in front of such terrifying beings.

‘Let them think I’m a country bumpkin, it’s alright.’ Bai Zemin snorted in his heart.

“It’s very simple,” Lethar said as he used a fingernail to pierce his thumb: ‘Just offer a drop of blood to the Soul Record using your strongest will and swear an oath out loud… Watch and listen carefully, human.”

“I, Lethar Letal, Leader of the Heavenly Moon Army, swear on my deepest records not to interfere with the affairs of the world I am currently in by any means as long as no human attacks me or a member of my faction first. This contract will dissolve when this world advances to Higher World.”

Bai Zemin watched as a drop of the golden blood running down Lethar’s thumb was enveloped in a sphere of white light and immediately understood how it worked. Very simple, in fact.

“Got it?” Lethar asked casually.

“Don’t worry.” Bai Zemin nodded as he made a quick cut on his right thumb, “I, Bai Zemin, Leader of the Transcendent faction, swear on my deepest records not to attack or allow my subordinates to attack a member of the Heavenly Moon Army as long as none of them interfere with Earth. This contract will be dissolved when this world advances to Higher World.”

Soon, the two drops of blood merged and disappeared enveloped in a flash of rainbow light. A second later, Bai Zemin felt a binding in his soul that was completely different from anything he had ever felt before.

He and Lethar stared at each other in silence before the latter waved his hand towards his commander.

“Amelia, we’re leaving this place.” Saying that, four tremendously sharp claws shot out from Lethar’s knuckles and with a fast movement that only Lucifer managed to see sliced through the space.

After Amelia entered the small space door, Lethar looked at Bai Zemin over his shoulder for the few seconds it took for the door to close.

Some members of Bai Zemin’s group immediately sighed in relief as heavy pressure was lifted from their shoulders. Although they did not recognize Lethar nor did they know what kind of legendary or heroic figure he was, his aura was something otherworldly that they had never felt; just standing there was enough to overcome the aura of Bai Zemin, who was the most powerful soul evolver they had ever seen.

Lucifer looked at Bai Zemin in silence and thereafter watched the group of people behind him as he said in a voice that was neither loud nor soft, “Lethar was always considered the least intelligent among the eight… but it seems that is not the case. Either that or his animal instincts are pretty good.”

One would think from his words that he too was going to form a Soul Contract with Bai Zemin, but what happened next took not only Fire Sorrow by surprise but also Lilith who was struggling to remain hidden in space as she watched everything with extreme attention.

The eight wings behind Lucifer opened wide like a giant fan before closing abruptly, enveloping his body inside like a gigantic cocoon. Under Fire Sorrow’s horrified eyes, the wings exploded and tens of thousands of black feathers flew everywhere before scattering into the sky.

As for Lucifer…

“… I guess that counts as the number five.” Bai Zemin’s eyes glittered slightly as he muttered to himself.

Fire Sorrow looked at the place where Lucifer had just been a moment ago but was now empty and said in shock, “…. Why…?”

Bai Zemin had made it clear that all those who did not form a Soul Contract with him here and now would be considered invaders of his world. Fire Sorrow might not have known Bai Zemin for a long time but she had definitely learned that he was a vengeful person and paid back using the same coin that others had given him.

Indeed, when Fire Sorrow looked at Bai Zemin she noticed that he was looking at her with a touch of sadness and grief.


Bai Zemin closed his eyes for a moment before opening them, and with a gentle smile nodded, “I promise I won’t consider you my enemy as long as you don’t see me that way as one. You helped me a lot after all, and I still owe you a favor. As long as you, Fire Sorrow, don’t make things difficult for me… you will be considered my friend.”

Fire Sorrow felt as if a cruel pair of hands were trying to tear her heart apart, clenching tightly around it without mercy. She hastily shook her head and said in a trembling voice, “W- Wait a moment, Bai Zemin…. I’ll take the responsibility of talking to Lucifer, don’t make decisions about a case that is not yet closed!”

Bai Zemin just nodded with a complicated smile and didn’t say much more.

Fire Sorrow stared at him for several seconds before gritting her teeth. A purple-colored light enveloped her ravishing silhouette, and in the next instant, her figure disappeared without a trace along with the purple light that had enveloped her.

The scene was silent for quite some time, everyone present with their own thoughts and feelings as they thought about what they had just seen and heard.

In outer space, somewhere far in the solar system.

A crack opened in the shape of a doorway, and two silhouettes enveloped in bright red lightning came foot-stepping out from within the dark space.

Amelia’s cat-like green eyes glowed with confusion as she looked at Lethar’s large back, and after a brief silence, she asked quietly, “Leader… Why did you agree to form a Soul Contract with that Lower Existence? It is true that the human kid is powerful. He probably has the greatest talent ever seen…. But, there are many ways to get him out of the way without having to agree to his stupid and arrogant demands.”

Lethar looked at the small bright blue dot barely visible from the distance, and after a minute of silence said calmly, “Amelia, that human kid not only has strength and talent but he is also very smart and cunning like an old fox. I think it’s best if we watch for now.”

“… I get the smart part, but cunning old fox?” Amelia shook her head and couldn’t help but smile, “Leader, it seems like you’re talking about someone who is several hundred thousand years old instead of someone who at most lived for a century.”

“… Try to remember the Soul Contract I made with him. That kid knew perfectly well what I was doing, but instead of pointing it out he happily boarded my ship as if he was relieved about something.” Lethar said before turning, and with a flash of bright green light he darted off into the distance disappearing in a few blinks.

“Soul Contract?” Amelia blinked in confusion for a moment before her eyes widened and her pupils quivered fiercely. “Don’t tell me… That brat is crazy!”

The contract that Lethar and Bai Zemin had formed would only be in effect until Earth evolved into the Fifth Order… After that, both factions could attack each other without any problems and thus all werewolves could attack Earth and kill anything that was there; if there were any living beings capable of withstanding the tremendous pressure that a Higher World placed on body and soul.

Bai Zemin was leaving a way out for himself by accepting Lethar’s “special” Soul Contract… Because now he had a way out that allowed him to attack the Heavenly Moon Army and strengthen his and his faction’s records!

The Soul Contract that Bai Zemin and Lethar had formed gave them both time.

On one hand, Lethar could watch silently from the sidelines. Although this would certainly not give him any short-term benefits, the amount of information he would gain about Earth and its circumstances, as well as its inhabitants, would be of utmost importance in the future.

On the other hand, Bai Zemin would have time to grow up and not have to worry about the Heavenly Moon Army. When Earth advanced to the Fifth Order and the Heavenly Moon Army was free of the Soul Contract formed by their Leader with him, Bai Zemin was confident that both himself and his faction would have the strength to face this faction of Higher Existences.

A win-win situation for both.

It was a matter of waiting and seeing whether the Transcendent faction and the Heavenly Moon Army would become enemies or not.

Amelia looked back with a serious expression before snorting. Her body turned into a flash of intense purple light and in an instant she followed Lethar’s tracks.

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