2816 Chapter 2816: accepting son of a turtle

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A certain jiu blinked her eyes. “Master Turtle, you misunderstood me. I was too overwhelmed by the favor, so I didn’t react in time.”

Hearing Yun Chujiu’s words, the savage dragon-headed turtle felt a little better. That’s right, it had given son of a turtle to her as a spiritual pet, so she should be overwhelmed by the favor.

“Master turtle, I’m very grateful for your kindness, but I can’t accept son Turtle. Don’t worry, let me finish first.

“You’ve also seen that my spiritual power is very low. If I encounter any danger, I’m afraid I Won’t be able to protect son turtle. “If something really happens to son Turtle, I’ll let you down for Trusting Me!”Yun chujiu said so sincerely that even she herself almost believed it.

The Savage dragon-headed turtle nodded. “You have a good heart, little girl. Don’t worry. Although son of a bitch is still very weak, I gave him his mother’s turtle shell. At the critical moment, he can summon the turtle shell to protect you and his life. Hurry up and swear!”

Yun Chujiu’s heart skipped a beat. Son of a bitch’s mother’s turtle shell? This meant that either son of a bitch’s mother was dead or had ascended. Which one was it?

“Master Gui, may I ask if your wife has ascended?”Yun chujiu asked tentatively.

The savage dragon-headed turtle looked impatient. “Why are you asking so many questions? ! Why aren’t you swearing? ! Right, you have to sign an equal contract. If My Son didn’t recognize you, how would you be fit to be the Master of my son? !”

Yun chujiu cursed in her heart. You Bastard, keep showing off! As the saying goes, a father pays his debts, and the son pays his debts. Watch how I torture your Turtle Son in the future!

Yun Chujiu made a poison oath, and it was nothing more than a lightning strike from the sky. This bastard made a poison oath as if it was a common occurrence, and he said it very smoothly.

The Savage dragon-headed turtle saw that Yun Chujiu’s poison oath was very poisonous, and only then did it relax, then, it said to the little bastard, “Bastard son, you will follow the little girl from now on. If you encounter any danger, take out your mother’s turtle shell. Do You Hear Me?”

The little bastard probably felt that he was really going to leave the savage dragon-headed turtle this time, so he more or less revealed a trace of reluctance and called out a few times in a low voice.

The Savage dragon-headed Turtle’s eyes reddened, and he gave a few more instructions to the little bastard. Then, he urged Yun Chujiu and the little bastard to establish an equal contract, so Yun Chujiu had no choice but to establish an equal contract with the little bastard.

When the savage dragon-headed turtle saw that the contract had been formed and that Yun Chujiu had also made a poison vow.., only then did it say, “Other than the sky-devouring whale that you killed just now, there are basically no sea beasts above level 40 in this sea area. You can feel at ease and head west. “Even if you encounter a high-level sea beast, let the turtle son summon the turtle shell to ensure that your lives are not in danger. You can leave!”

Yun chujiu endured it, but she still could not help but say, “Master turtle, I really don’t understand. Even if the turtle son is throwing a tantrum, you can still suppress it. Why do you want me to accept it?”

The Savage dragon-headed turtle said unhappily, “There’s no need for so many WHYS! Just treat my turtle son well. You will definitely benefit from it in the future.”

After the savage dragon-headed turtle finished speaking, it turned towards Yun Chujiu and the rest of the ship and spat out a mouthful of water mist. The big ship was blown far away with a whoosh. Yun chujiu could only watch helplessly as the big bastard turned into a Xiao Hei.

The Savage dragon-headed turtle looked at the big ship that was far away. Its eyes were filled with reluctance. It sighed, slowly changed its direction, and swam back to the island..

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