2822 Chapter 2822, Fairy

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:09

While Yun Chujiu was in a daze, she saw a pontoon rising from the water between the small islands, connecting all the small islands together.

There was such an operation?

Yun chujiu only had time to put the little bastard away, and then she heard a dull bell ringing. Then, many people jumped out from the small islands and ran along the pontoon to the small island next to Yun Chujiu.

Those people looked no different from ordinary cultivators. Just when Yun Chujiu was about to get close to them, she heard an old voice say, “Greetings, Your Highness!”

Those people followed the old man’s voice and knelt on the ground with both knees. They piously said, “Greetings, Your Highness!”

Yun chujiu looked around. It seemed that other than the three of them, the others were all kneeling. But where was the so-called fairy?

Just as Yun Chujiu was in a daze, an old man with white hair and a beard stood up from the crowd and walked in front of Yun Chujiu. “Fairy, the people of Chessboard Island have been waiting for you for tens of thousands of years. Finally, you are here!”

As the old man spoke, he choked up. The rest of the people also wiped away their tears.

The fairy was her? She was the fairy? What a joke!

“Old Man, are you mistaken? I’m not a fairy, I’m just a passerby.”Yun chujiu quickly denied it. Although she loved to take advantage of others, it was better not to take advantage of others.

The old man saw Yun Chujiu’s denial and immediately became anxious. “There is an ancient prophecy on our chessboard island. One day, a young girl will emerge from the turtle shell, and that will be the fairy of our chessboard island.

You are exactly the same as what the prophecy said. How can you deny it? Heavenly daughter, quickly follow me to the main island and accept the worship of all the Islanders!”

“I really am not your heavenly daughter. Well, I still have something to do. Goodbye!”

As Yun Chujiu said that, she was about to leave, but she found that the sea area behind her had been blocked by several ships. Obviously, she had to go or Not!

Yun Chujiu’s short temper immediately flared up!

Damn it, you asked her to go. If she was unlucky, it would be your own fault!

This guy curled the corner of his mouth. “Well, since it’s hard to refuse your kind offer, I’ll follow you to take a look!”

An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao naturally listened to Yun chujiu, so they also followed Yun chujiu.

The old man was half a step behind Yun chujiu to show his respect. He said with a smile, “Fairy, although our chessboard island is far from land, we have everything here. We will definitely offer you the best things.”

Yun Chujiu raised her eyebrows. “The best things? What do you have? Tell me.”

“Delicious spirit fruits, delicious spirit fish, and all kinds of fresh spirit vegetables. If fairy likes them, there are many beautiful unmarried men on our island. Fairy can choose them at will. They will definitely be very willing to serve you,”the old man said politely.

Yun chujiu stumbled and almost fell on the ground!

If the gigolo knew about this, this stupid chessboard island would probably disappear from the immortal Yuan continent!

The old man obviously misunderstood Yun Chujiu’s meaning. A faint light flashed in his eyes, and he tried his best to introduce, “I wonder if you like the strong or the weak? Do you like the wild or the refined?

“Don’t worry, as long as you like them, even if they are already married, I will let them leave. “I will let the candidates shower and change their clothes in a while and let you choose carefully.”