2823 Chapter 2823: Two Husbands

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:09

Yun Chujiu’s head was shaking like a rattle-drum. “Just prepare some delicious food for me. Forget about handsome men. I’m still young, so I won’t consider it for the time being.”

The old man was stunned for a moment, then said with a smile, “There are plenty of delicious food on the island. I’ll arrange for someone to prepare it right away.”

Yun chujiu smiled and did not say anything. From the corner of her eyes, she glanced at the pontoons under her feet. She had just noticed that these pontoons seemed to have risen from the bottom of the sea in an instant. She estimated that there should be a mechanism or a formation at the bottom of the sea.

She was calculating the success rate of escaping by force. If it were not for an Linchuan and Shangguan Hao, she could have hidden in the great void Mystic Realm. However, she could not ignore these two people. She had to think long-term.

After passing through a few pontoons, an island that was several times larger than the other small islands appeared in front of everyone. There were already many people kneeling on the island to welcome them. They had even laid a carpet on the pontoons.

Yun Chujiu’s eyes flashed. It was quite plausible. However, there was no such thing as a free lunch in the sky. She did not believe in any Bullsh * t prophecy!

Even if there was a prophecy, she did not believe that these people would be so bored as to spend half a day looking for an ancestor. They must have other plans.

This fellow thought about it. F * CK, since it was your people who came looking for her, why be polite? !

Hence, the old man said arrogantly, “Get Up!”

The kneeling people stood up one after another. They lowered their heads and lowered their eyebrows, not daring to look at Yun chujiu directly.

Yun chujiu snorted coldly in her heart. She probably didn’t dare to look directly at the old man beside her, right? !

The old man accompanied Yun chujiu and turned around to the front of a palace. Although the palace wasn’t big, it was exquisite and luxurious. It was obvious that it was carefully built.

There were three ancient characters written on the plaque in front of the palace. Coincidentally, Yun Chujiu recognized them. It was the fairy palace. It seemed that the so-called fairy palace was not made up by the old man. What was his purpose?

After the group of people entered the Fairy Palace, the old man let Yun Chujiu sit on the throne. Yun chujiu declined and sat on it half-heartedly.

The old man sat on the throne and looked down from above. Then, he saw the old man leading the group of people to kneel down and kowtow. It was nothing more than saying something about the return of the fairy.

Yun chujiu curled her lips and waved her hand. “No need for formalities. Get Up!”

The group of people then stood up one after another. An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao looked at them in confusion. Why did it seem like a dream? How did junior sister Jiu become a heavenly lady in such a short time?

“Your friends will be arranged to stay in the posthouse. After the ceremony, we will arrange people to send them away from Chessboard Island.”

Yun chujiu slapped the desk next to her unhappily. “How dare you! “They are my men, so of course they will live with me! “The one with a fair and clean face is my eldest husband, and the one with a dark face is my second husband. “We have long worshipped Heaven and earth, but we haven’t consummated our marriage yet.”

The corner of an Linchuan’s and Shangguan Hao’s eyes twitched violently. However, they knew that this was Yun Chujiu’s excuse, so they tried their best to bear with it so that they would not be exposed.

The old man was stunned for a moment, and his eyes flickered for a moment, then he said, “In that case, let’s arrange for the two husbands to live together with Your Highness! I’ll get someone to take your highness and the two husbands to the rear hall to rest.”

Yun Chujiu and the other two arrived at the rear hall accompanied by a few maids. The rear hall was also built very luxuriously and beautifully. Yun chujiu naturally lived in the main hall, and an Linchuan and Shangguan Hao were arranged to live in the east and west side halls.