2825 Chapter 2825, probing

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“There’s no rush. Anyway, the Fox will reveal its tail sooner or later! We won’t be able to eat or drink well these days, so we can just rest here for a few days.”Yun Chujiu leaned back on the chair and said while blinking her eyes.

An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao still felt uneasy, but they could only listen to Yun Chujiu and return to their rooms to rest.

The next day, Yun Chujiu found that the short maid had disappeared and changed to a triangular-eyed maid. It was San Jiaoyan. Yun Chujiu’s heart skipped a beat. It seemed that it was because the short maid had spoken too much that day that the maid had changed.

Yun chujiu sneered in her heart. They were really stupid. If they hadn’t changed the maid, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but now they were trying to cover it up.

After breakfast, yun Chujiu said to the two handmaidens, “I want to take a stroll on the various islands. You can ask the priest! However, you can tell him that if he doesn’t agree, I don’t think it’s meaningful for me to be the heavenly lady. I’m going to leave.”

The two handmaidens answered unnaturally. After a moment.., the two of them came in and said, “Your Highness, the priest said that you are too restrained. You are the goddess of the Chessboard Island. You can go anywhere you want. “However, you are not familiar with the place. It is better for us servants to accompany you.”

Yun Chujiu raised her eyebrows. “Of course. Let’s go. You can introduce the situation of each island to me.”

Yun chujiu walked at the front. An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao were half a step behind her, followed by the Maids and guards.

Wherever Yun chujiu passed, the islanders knelt down and kowtowed. It seemed that they really took her, the goddess, seriously.

Yun chujiu secretly observed for a while and found that most of the islanders were indeed very pious. Only a few of them were obviously pretending, and they did not look like ordinary islanders from their clothes.

Yun chujiu thought to herself, interesting. True or false, fake or real, what was going on?

“Your Highness, this small island is specialized in weaving and dyeing cloth. The clothes of everyone on chessboard island are produced here,”San Jiaoyan’s maid introduced from the side.

Yun chujiu asked curiously, “People on land use spiritual cotton or silk to weave cloth. What do you use here?”

The maid with triangular eyes said with a smile, “Your Highness, there are a few small islands on the chessboard island that have a kind of cotton tree with thin leaves. The fruits they bear have a lot of silk, which is similar to spiritual cotton. Although it’s not as comfortable as spiritual cotton, it’s fine to wear it on a daily basis.”.

“As for the silk, it’s made of silk from a kind of silk cotton fish in the sea. Although its luster is a little worse than silk, it still looks good when dyed with color.”

Yun chujiu nodded and sneered in her heart. According to what the old man said, their chessboard island had been isolated from the world for tens of thousands of years, so how could this triangular-eyed maid have seen the cotton and silk on land? And she could even talk about the difference with ease? It was simply a lie!

Although Yun chujiu sneered in her heart, she looked extremely curious.

After they left this island, they came to another island, the maid with triangular eyes said, “Your Highness, this island is rich in spices. Although this island is not big, the spices planted here are enough for our chessboard island to use.”

Yun chujiu deliberately walked to the field where the spices were planted. She picked up a handful of chilies and sniffed them. “Although these chilies are red and beautiful, their spiciness is far worse than those grown on land!”

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