2828 Chapter 2828: enjoying the flowers

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:11

Shangguan hao smiled and said, “Little ninth junior sister, the day of the coronation is just one day away. What are your plans?”

“I’m still useful before the coronation. I don’t think that priest will do anything. But after the coronation, I think it’s time to kill the donkey. Tomorrow morning, let’s go to the back garden of the Fairy Palace.”

Shangguan Hao and an Linchuan were dumbfounded. weren’t they trying to figure out a countermeasure? Why did he suddenly say that he wanted to go to the rear garden? What kind of logic was this?

Before the two of them could ask in detail, the maid with the triangular eyes brought food to San Jiaoyan.

Yun Chujiu said with a smile, “Thank you for your hard work today. I Won’t go out tomorrow. I’ll just admire the flowers in the rear garden.”

San Jiaoyan’s maid couldn’t wait for Yun Chujiu to not go out, so she agreed immediately.

After breakfast the next day, yun chujiu brought the two “Husbands”to the back garden of the fairy palace in high spirits. Although the garden was not big, the flowers inside were colorful and beautiful due to the meticulous care, it was a pleasant sight.

Yun Chujiu asked San Jiaoyan’s maid the names of the flowers as she looked at them. Occasionally, she would tear off a flower and put it in a vase to enjoy.

Soon, San Jiaoyan and the tall maid had a bunch of flowers in their hands.

Suddenly, Yun Chujiu lowered her voice and said excitedly, “There are a few spirit butterflies in front of us. Don’t move. I’ll go and catch one to play with.”

San Jiaoyan and the tall maid could help if they didn’t have any flowers in their hands. Now, they were happy to relax and watch Yun chujiu catch the spirit butterflies.

“This one is not good-looking, no!”

“Why is there a gap in this wing? No!”

“This one is too small, no!”

“The color of this wing is too simple, no!”

Yun chujiu was never satisfied with the spirit butterfly that she caught, so she kept catching and releasing it. Perhaps she had lost her mind, and she even caught a few spirit bees by mistake. She was almost stung and cried out in fear.

An Linchuan and shangguan hao, as the “Husband of the king,”naturally couldn’t just stand by and watch, so they also helped catch them. However, after handing them to Yun Chujiu, this guy was not satisfied, so he played with them a few times and released them.

The triangle-eyed maid despised them in her heart. So this was just a little girl who liked to eat and play, and she was not a threat at all. However, she didn’t want to play with these spirit butterflies, so she didn’t want to play with them. She didn’t want to play with them, but she wanted to play with them. She didn’t want to play with them, so she didn’t want to play with them.

When it was almost noon, Yun chujiu still didn’t catch a spirit butterfly that she was satisfied with. This guy pouted and looked unhappy.

“Forget it! “These spirit butterflies look good from afar, but unfortunately, they look ugly up close. I don’t want them anymore! “After jumping around for so long, let’s go back and have lunch! “I will ascend the throne tomorrow. I Won’t go out in the afternoon. I will recuperate in the house and perform well tomorrow.”

The triangle-eyed maid despised Yun Chujiu in her heart, but she said respectfully on the surface, “That’s good too. Later, I will report the process of ascending the throne to you. You can familiarize yourself with it first.”

Yun chujiu nodded and left the back garden under the escort of the crowd.

San Jiaoyan’s maid served Yun Chujiu after lunch. When she saw that Yun Chujiu was about to take a nap, she left the fairy palace and went to the temple of the priest behind the Fairy Palace.

A few spirit butterflies and spirit bees followed San Jiaoyan’s maid, neither too far nor too close. Occasionally, they stopped on trees or flowers by the roadside. No one would suspect that these little things were spies sent by a certain jiu..