2832 Chapter 2832 was cut off

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The priest was stunned. Just as he was about to change the topic.., he heard Yun chujiu continue, “The heavens clearly said that many islanders lost their lives because of the exploitation of the spiritual stone mine. Therefore, the person who decided to exploit the spiritual stone mine was a sinner!

“Only by killing him can the sea god calm down his anger. Otherwise, the sea god will send its messenger to destroy the Chessboard Island.”

The people below immediately exploded again!

“It was the high priest who decided to mine the Spirit Stone Mine. could he be a sinner?”

“It was because of the spirit stone mine that my two sons died!”

“If we don’t kill the High Priest, will the sea god really be angry?”

The high priest was so angry that he almost vomited blood!

This damn brat! He was the one who wanted to say all these things, okay? He originally wanted to say that he wanted to sacrifice the goddess to the sea god so that fewer people would die in the spirit stone mine. He didn’t expect that he would be robbed by this brat! It was really detestable!

The priest’s forehead under the mask was already covered in sweat. What should he do? If he let this damned brat continue to make noise, perhaps these islanders would really erupt. He had to end this quickly.

Thus, the priest coughed a few times.

He had a deep reputation on chessboard island, so the islanders immediately kept quiet and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

The priest instantly felt confident. These lowly people had already been tamed by him. That wretched girl wanted to use a few words to make them rise up and resist? In her dreams!

“Men! The reason why her highness the fairy spoke nonsense was because the devil had entered her body. Immediately kill it and worship it to the sea god. This way, our spirit mining would be smoother! “As long as we finish mining the spiritual mine, we will be able to avoid the fate of our chessboard island sinking to the bottom of the sea.”

The priest did not care whether there was a loophole in his words. In any case, he firmly believed that the islanders would not dare to resist.

Following the order of the priest, some guards surrounded the high platform and were ready to go up the steps to catch Yun Chujiu.

Shangguan Hao and an Linchuan had accompanied Yun chujiu to the high platform. The two of them looked at each other and stood at the entrance of the steps.

The two of them were ready to fight. One of them would kill the other. They could not just accept their fate.

Compared to them, a certain jiu was as calm as the wind, she laughed lightly. “The devil has entered my body? Since I have already been possessed by the devil, why would the Sea God like me? Since the priest is so popular with the gods, why don’t we kill you and feed you to the bastard in the sea?”

The Little Bastard in the spirit beast pouch grumbled with disdain, “I don’t want to eat you! Ugly!”

Yun chujiu couldn’t be bothered with this idiot who was obsessed with looks. She stared coldly at the priestess.

The priestess was frightened by Yun Chujiu’s cold gaze and took a step back. However, she quickly calmed down. She was just a little girl at the sixth layer of the spiritual profound realm. It was just a bluff!

“Nonsense! What are you still standing there for? ! Go, capture her for me!”The priest felt a little uneasy. He felt that it was better to kill this little girl as soon as possible!

“If you dare to come up, I will let you die without a burial place! First husband, second husband, use our secret weapon!”Yun chujiu shouted.

An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao’s eyes twitched, but they still put on their gas masks and began to throw large sacks down the stage. The sacks were naturally filled with chili noodles.

The guards were choked with tears and tears. How could they still have the time to climb up the stage? !

Although the priest was wearing a mask, he was also choking and coughing. However, the islanders were standing far away, so there was no harm.