2833 Chapter 2833, the emissary of the Sea God

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Yun chujiu said loudly, “My people, haven’t you awakened yet? This so-called priest is just a liar!

He is drinking your blood and eating your flesh. Are you going to watch your relatives enter the seabed to mine again?

“Even if we don’t mine for spiritual stones, chessboard island will really sink to the bottom of the sea. What is more important than the safety of your relatives?

Besides, look at what you’re wearing, what you’re eating, what that so-called priest and his men are wearing, what they’re eating. Are you willing to accept this?”

The islanders’faces were filled with grief and indignation, especially those miners. They had been living inhuman lives for a long time and had had enough of it.

However, even so, under the constant oppression, they were still somewhat hesitant, especially the priest who was coughing and threatening, “If any of you dare to disobey my orders, you will be punished by the sea god!”

When the Islanders heard this, they immediately retreated, and their faces revealed a look of resignation.

Yun chujiu shook her head in her heart. No wonder the chessboard island was firmly controlled by this priest. These islanders were really, how should I put it? They lamented their misfortune and were angry but did not fight for it!

It seemed that they had to use some strong medicine!

Therefore, Yun Chujiu raised her voice again, “My people, the sea god is already angry. If we don’t kill the priest and his subordinates, the sea god’s emissaries will rush to the island and destroy the Chessboard Island!”

The priest was choked by Chili’s tears and tears. He didn’t have time to act mysterious anymore. He regretted it. If he had known this would happen, he would have built the high platform lower. But now, it was forbidden to fly here. If he wanted to go up, he had to go up the stairs, he could only climb up the ladder.

The priest shouted in exasperation, “Emissaries of the Sea God? What a joke! I have never heard of an emissary of the sea god. You are talking nonsense! Men, set fire! Burn this brat to death!”

“Just because you don’t know it doesn’t mean there isn’t one! The sea beasts in the sea are the envoys of the sea god. Look, they’re here!”Yun chujiu stood on the high platform, her clothes fluttering in the sea breeze. She looked just like the fairy of the nine heavens.

Everyone followed the direction of her finger and saw countless black spots swimming towards the shore. They could faintly hear the roars of various sea beasts.

The islanders immediately exclaimed, “Oh my God! It’s really the envoy of the Sea God!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen so many sea beasts. What should we do? The Sea God won’t really destroy our chessboard island, right?”

“Looks like what her Highness said is true! The priestess has been lying to us!”

The little boy who was in the orchard earlier shouted, “Uncles, what are you waiting for? Didn’t the fairy princess say that Only by killing the priest and his men can we protect the chessboard island I don’t want to never see my father again, sob…”

The Little Boy’s words were the final trigger. When the Islanders thought of their family members who had lost their lives and the days they had been oppressed, they were so angry that they overcame their long-standing fear and rushed toward the priest and his men.

Yun Chujiu had previously thought that the little boy was clever, but now that she looked at him, her future was simply limitless!

Yun chujiu did not have time to think too much. She quickly brought an Linchuan and joined in the battle.

Of course, this guy had already told Guai Cao to stop summoning. Otherwise, if the sea beasts really charged up, it would be self-defeating.