2836 Chapter 2836

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:13

“There’s no such thing as ‘why’! Da Hua, Attack! Kill this old bastard!”Yun chujiu used her spiritual power needle to attack the priest as she ordered the purple piglet. Yes, the giant purple pig.

Da Hua raised his front leg to step on the priest. The priest quickly dodged. He felt that since the situation was hopeless, it was better to save his life first.

Just as the priest was about to use a secret technique to escape, he noticed that the purple giant pig’s body began to fade and then disappeared!

The priest’s heart moved. Yes, the purple giant pig was only a spiritual beast. It would disappear after a certain amount of time. Moreover, the purple giant pig consumed a lot of spiritual power, he did not believe that the smelly girl could have so much spiritual power to support the purple giant pig.

When the priest thought of this, Hope suddenly rose in his heart.

“Little girl! Although your spiritual beast is abnormal, your spiritual power is not enough to support it for too long. Prepare to die!”As the priest spoke, he shot another spiritual python and two poisonous spiritual snakes at Yun Chujiu.

Yun chujiu pursed her lips. She did not have enough spiritual power? Damn it, let me see if my spiritual power is enough now!

This guy released twenty piglets with spiritual power again. He cursed in his heart. This purple piglet was good in every way except for one thing. He could only come out when the spiritual power of these piglets was about to dissipate!

You are just a spiritual beast, why are you still putting on airs? ! You really deserve a beating!

The priest did not know the characteristics of the purple piglet. He thought that Yun chujiu could not support the purple piglet anymore, and his face immediately showed joy.

“Stupid girl! I was right, right? ! How can a trash of the sixth level of the spiritual profound realm support…”

The priest’s words came to an abrupt end, because at that moment, the spirit energy piglet’s figure faded, and Da Hua appeared out of nowhere again!

The priest’s three spirit energy beasts were immediately scared to the point of dissipating, yes, dissipating..

The priest’s face instantly turned pale. This stupid girl was indeed abnormal. No wonder she had repeatedly ruined the major events in the Divine Devil Hall. Now it seemed that there was no chance of victory, and it was more important to save his life.

Therefore, the priest dodged da Hua’s attack while asking his subordinates to protect him.

Although Yun Chujiu sensed that the priest wanted to use a secret technique to escape, the priest used his spiritual power to support himself. Moreover, he had his subordinates to protect him. He could only watch as the priest used the secret technique of the Resurrection Lily and disappeared on the spot.

Yun Chujiu was furious! This secret technique of the resurrection Lily was really difficult to deal with. It was equivalent to using a cheat. Unless he could break his spiritual power shield in a short period of time, once he used the secret technique, he could only watch as he escaped.

As soon as the priest escaped, his subordinates were like headless flies. Moreover, it was very obvious that other than the priest, the others did not know the secret technique of the Resurrection Lily.

Very soon, those who were dead or injured, and those who were alive were all captured.

Those islanders simply could not believe that they had really defeated the priest. They were free!

The beach was filled with cheers. Then, everyone knelt down and thanked the goddess.

Yun chujiu waved her hand and asked someone to bring chief Li over.

She did not waste time interrogating him and used the soul-searching spell on him.

Just like the previous times, Yun Chujiu did not get much useful information. She only knew that the priest had brought this person to the nearby Chessboard Island a few years ago.

First, he secretly poisoned the water source on the island. Then, he appeared as a saint who saved the suffering. He falsely claimed that the islanders were cursed by the sea god.

The islanders were isolated from the world all year round. How could they withstand his lies? !

Therefore, under the priest’s trickery, they believed him. Then, the Islanders found a beautifully made jade box on the beach.