2840 Chapter 2840

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:15

Everyone was dumbfounded. Was this guy crazy?

Did she say that she was looking for labor to find Sea Beasts?

What kind of joke was this? !

Putting aside whether sea beasts knew how to mine, the main reason was that sea beasts and humans were incompatible with each other. How could they agree to help her mine?

Moreover, that was a group of sea beasts. If she swam over just like that, wouldn’t she be sending herself to her death? !

“Your Highness! Come back! Come back quickly!”The five old men stretched their necks and shouted.

An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao looked at each other. They weren’t that worried. After all, junior sister Jiu had a turtle shell in her hands. If worst came to worst, she could just hide in the turtle shell.

However, was it reliable to hire sea beasts as Labor? This was simply a joke.

After Yun chujiu dove into the sea, she stopped the summoning of Guai Cao. It was almost enough. If too many sea beasts came at once, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to fool them.

The sea beasts were attracted by a strange fragrance, but they suddenly realized that the fragrance had disappeared. While the sea beasts were at a loss, they saw a little human girl swimming over from afar. She was waving a white cloth strip in her hand. “Hi, Little Babies, how are you!”

The sea beasts were dumbfounded. Where did this crazy girl come from? Was she crazy?

Yun Chujiu swam with all her might. With the waves splashing, she finally swam to about a hundred feet away from the sea beasts.

“Little Babies, it’s fate that we met. How about we make a Deal?”A certain jiu waved the white cloth in her hand and smiled like a big-tailed wolf.

The sea beasts only wanted to give her two words — crazy!

The Sea Beasts roared one after another. However, there were too many wolves and too little meat. For a moment, no one rushed forward.

“Don’t be anxious. Listen to what I have to say. The matter is like this. Perhaps you know that there is an undersea spirit mine not far from here. I am prepared to hire you to mine for me.

However, don’t worry. I will not use you for nothing. I will pay you with medicinal pills. There are some that increase the speed of spiritual power absorption, some that stop bleeding and treat injuries. Moreover, I guarantee that they are all super-grade medicinal pills. There are no impurities.”Yun Chujiu said as she took out a few medicinal pills and threw them into the sea beasts.

The sea beasts immediately became a mess. Moreover, the pills would melt in the water. By the time the victor was decided, the pills would have already melted into the sea water.

The eyes of the sea beasts revealed a greedy light. One by one, they narrowed the distance between them and Yun chujiu with malicious intentions. The purpose was very simple. They wanted to force Yun Chujiu to hand over all the pills in her hands.

The sea beasts thought to themselves, this little human girl is indeed not smart. Doesn’t she know the principle of not revealing her wealth? What an idiot!

Yun chujiu squinted her eyes. It seemed like it was time for Da Hua to appear!

With a wave of his hand, a group of piglets with spiritual power jumped in front of her and blocked her way.

The sea beasts were stunned at first, then they let out a mocking roar. This little human girl’s spiritual power was actually a pig? And a Piglet? Hahaha, how weak!

The sea beasts began to play with the spiritual piglet. Although the spiritual piglet was clever, it was too weak. How could it be a match for so many sea beasts? !

Some of the spiritual piglets’tails were bitten off, some of their ears were about to fall off, and some of them were tossed around like balls by two sea beasts..

Just as these sea beasts were fooling around with the piglets, the piglets’bodies became fainter and fainter. The sea beasts thought to themselves, “These spirit beasts are probably going to disappear. What a pity, they haven’t had enough fun yet!”!

Then, they were stunned to find that the spirit energy that was about to disappear had gathered back into a cute purple piglet..