2842 Chapter 2842: the foolish son of the landlord

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:15

An Linchuan did not understand what was going on, so he had to steer the ship towards Yun Chujiu’s direction.

Shangguan Hao was more careful. He took a closer look and felt that it did not seem to be the case!

Have you ever seen people who were running for their lives swimming so leisurely?

Have you ever seen people who were running for their lives interacting with Sea Beasts?

Moreover, those sea beasts didn’t seem like they were chasing after Yun Chujiu. Instead, they looked more like the foolish sons of the landlords who were shaking their heads and wagging their tails, having fun at the back..

After a short while, even the five old men realized that they seemed to have made a mistake. Those sea beasts were only following their goddess, and had no intention of attacking her.

Yun chujiu instructed the sea beasts to follow behind the ship, and then jumped onto the ship.

The five old men immediately knelt on the deck. The goddess was indeed the goddess! Otherwise, why would the messenger of the sea god listen to her?

The goddess had not admitted her identity before. She was too low-key!

Yun Chujiu was dumbfounded. “You, what are you doing?”

“Your Highness, we were blind. We even suspected you. We deserve to die!”The five old men kowtowed as they spoke.

No matter how Yun Chujiu explained, the five old men were sure that she was a true goddess. This fellow did not explain. If he was willing to bow, then he should bow!

This was good too. At least they were more obedient and had less trouble.

Two hours later, the big ship returned to chessboard island with a mass of sea beasts.

The islanders on duty on Chessboard Island were all scared silly!

Could It Be a sea beast tide? Why were there still so many sea beasts? Could it be that the sea god was angry because the priest was not dead?

For a moment, everyone was anxious. Fortunately, everyone saw that the people on the big ship in front were safe and sound, so they calmed down a little.

The five old men briefly explained the matter, but the version they said was far from the truth.

The Gist was that the goddess was the sea god’s favored child, so the sea god would send so many sea beasts to help them dig for spirit stones.

The five old men were highly respected, and the Islanders firmly believed it. Besides, they had no choice but to believe it. The sea beasts on the surface of the sea were the best proof.

What happened next was very smooth. Although the sea beasts didn’t know how to mine, they had brute force. With just a few swings of their tails, they could knock down a large piece of spirit stone mine.

Especially the sea beasts with sharp long teeth. Their two long teeth were like shovels, and the very hard spirit stones were like tofu under their long teeth.

Some of the Bold Islanders who were watching in the sea were dumbfounded!

No Wonder Her Highness said that she could mine all the spirit stones in half a month. Now it seemed that she could do it in ten days. Her Highness was really amazing!

Of course, due to the wild movements of these sea beasts, it was inevitable that they would waste some spirit stones.

However, Yun Chujiu was a rich and overbearing person who did not care about it at all. The Islanders did not dare to say anything even though their hearts ached for her.

They now respected Yun chujiu far more than they did the priestess. That priestess was a fraud! She was a liar! The goddess was the real deal. She was the Sea God’s favorite.

Ten days later, the spiritual stone mine was almost fully mined. The sand that was like the seabed next to it was exposed, and there were creaking sounds coming from above.

Yun chujiu knew that the chessboard island was going to sink. Everyone and the sea beasts quickly retreated to a safe area. Then, they saw all the islands, big and small, sink into the sea in an instant..