2843 Chapter 2843 sea fishing

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:16

Where did those islands go?

Yun Chujiu had a flash of inspiration. After the human-faced octopus self-detonated, she was teleported to the vicinity of Chessboard Island. These islands sank and then disappeared. Could there be a teleportation array between the two?

The more she thought about it, the more likely it was. Could it be that chessboard island was once the stronghold of the Divine Devil Temple? That was not right. If it was the stronghold of the Divine Devil Temple, how could the priest not know how to open the enchantment of the spiritual stone mine?

The other was that the Divine Devil Temple had started to set up a long time ago, and they had set up a very big scheme. As for the gold-masked men and the like that she had come into contact with, they were just a disguise on the surface. The two monsters that she had met by chance and the priest from before seemed to be the backbone of the Divine Devil Temple.

The More Yun Chujiu thought about it, the more she felt that the master behind the Divine Devil Temple was very scheming and had a powerful background.

If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely feel heavy-hearted when they thought about this. They might even suffer a huge blow. However, a certain jiu was more courageous the more she was defeated. Instead, a fighting spirit was ignited in her heart. No matter what the Divine Devil Temple was, as long as her little fairy Jiu was there, it would not be able to succeed!

Yun chujiu checked the bottom of the sea once and found nothing. Only then did she board the large ship and the group set off in a mighty manner along the west side.

Those Sea Beasts had obtained the medicinal pills that Yun chujiu had promised. Logically speaking, they should have stayed where they were. However, some smart sea beasts felt that this was a good deal, so they followed behind the fleet at a distance.

Every time there were blind sea beasts attacking the fleet, these sea beasts would roar and rush out to kill.

After a few times, Yun chujiu could only reward them with some pills.

These sea beasts were so proud that they didn’t want them. After hunting those blind sea beasts, not only did they solve the belly problem, but they also got extra rewards. It was a good thing to kill many birds with one stone.

When the islanders of Chessboard Island saw this, they were even more convinced of Yun Chujiu’s identity as a goddess because these sea beasts were obviously protecting her highness!

A few days passed in a row. A certain Jiu was so bored that she wanted to jump into the sea!

On this day, a certain Jiu’s eyes lit up. She wanted to fish on a whim.

An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao were speechless. You really have nothing to do! As long as you say the word, those sea beasts will bring you a whole boat of fish! What are you fishing for? !

Yun Chujiu, on the other hand, was very creative. She took a few fishing rods from the islanders and began to pretend to fish.

Those sea beasts were really becoming smart!

They actually surrounded and intercepted a huge school of fish. Yun Chujiu’s fishing rod was hooked one after another, and it almost made this guy dizzy!

However, she soon realized that something was wrong and scolded the Sea Beasts angrily. The sea beasts were so upset. They were afraid of being flattered by their benefactor, but why did they jump on the hook?

Yun chujiu was so angry that she asked the Sea Beasts to protect the remaining big ships. The ship she was on increased its speed and left them behind by more than ten miles. Then, she continued to fish on the deck.