2847 Chapter 2847, you are busy

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:17

“Prince Charming, you are so cold. You will lose your baby, do you know that?”A certain Jiu said angrily.

“Didn’t I give you a jade token before? There is a thread of my spiritual sense inside, so I am sure you are safe. Moreover, I am a little busy talking to you while killing people.”

This guy immediately cowered and said weakly, “You’re busy, you’re busy.”

Damn it, you still have time to send a voice transmission talisman when you’re killing people. You’re really amazing!

Yun chujiu calmed her frightened little heart and saw an Linchuan looking at her with a gloating expression.

Yun chujiu asked in puzzlement, “Senior brother An, why are you smiling?”

“Junior sister Xiao Jiu, my father just passed on the message from Master Baili. Master said that the setting sun sea is at the easternmost part of the Immortal Yuan continent and is millions of miles away from the primordial chaos sect.

“This journey will take at least two months, so you can go straight to the murderous Yuan sect!”An Linchuan said as he laughed. Junior sister Xiao Jiu was too unpopular.

Yun chujiu was so angry that she was twitching. This old man Bai Li, did he have to be so obvious in his disdain? ! Who cared about waiting for her to return to the primordial chaos sect to rest for a few days, then chasing her to the primordial murder sect could be considered as giving her some face. But now, before she had even gone back, he actually wanted to send her away. It was infuriating!

This fellow blinked his eyes. “Senior brother An, senior brother Shangguan, look at the people on Chessboard Island. They have blank and uneasy expressions on their faces, so let’s help them settle down before returning to the sect.”

An Linchuan didn’t react, but Shangguan Hao understood Yun Chujiu’s intention.

The people on Chessboard Island had to find another seaside to settle down. The nearest sea of fire was hundreds of thousands of miles away. After all this trouble, when they went back, junior sister Lie Yan would have missed out on the three months of the primordial killing sect, then, they could continue to harm the primordial chaos sect.

Before Shangguan Hao had the chance to express his opinion, an linchuan said excitedly, “Good! Good! I’ll tell my father that we’ve finally left the origin killing sect. We must have a good time before returning.”

Soon, an Linchuan heard mountain master an’s furious voice, “Little Brat, get your ass back here!”

An Linchuan shrugged helplessly. “Junior sister Jiu, my father wants me to get my ass back here!”

Yun chujiu pouted. “Senior brother An, since you’re so afraid of your father, then get your ass back here!”! “I’ll settle the people on Chessboard Island myself. After all, I’ll be a member of the Shi Yuan sect when I get back. Master Baili can’t do anything to me.”

An Linchuan was provoked by Yun Chujiu, he immediately patted his chest and said, “Tsk!”! “I don’t accept the orders of a general who is away from home. I don’t accept the orders of my father who is away from home.”. “I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear the voice transmission talisman just now. Come, let’s go to the Sea of fire together.”Lie Yan said. “Senior brother Shangguan, it’s meaningless for you to go back alone. Come with us!”

Shangguan Hao rubbed his forehead speechlessly. He had a premonition that these two fellows would probably cause more trouble. However, the three of them were together. It was two to one, so he had no choice but to follow them.

When the people of Chessboard Island heard that Yun Chujiu had followed them to find a place to settle down, they immediately sang praises and praised the virtues. They instantly felt that they had a backbone.

Since there were thousands of people on Chessboard Island, it would definitely cause chaos if they were to enter the city. Therefore, Yun Chujiu brought a few representatives of the Islanders to the nearest city to buy a lot of food and fresh water, only then did she bring everyone to board several flying spirit tools and head to lie Yan’s sea.