2850 Chapter 2850 lie Yan Seal

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Just as Yun Chujiu was feeling worried, the expressions of the island masters suddenly changed. “I’m sorry, we have something urgent to attend to, so we’ll take our leave First!”

Before Yun Chujiu could react, the island masters had already left. Yun Chujiu finally managed to stop the bearded man.

“Island Master Kang, what happened?”

“Sigh!”! Didn’t I tell you before? Lie Yan and lie Yan had a lot of heaven flames in the Sea of fire. Although we humans couldn’t enter, there was a type of fire seal in the Sea of fire. Their skin could withstand boiling water, so they often swam from the far sea to the near sea to attack our islands.

Every time they came, there were hundreds of them. Who knew which island they would attack? It was really a headache. Island master Kang sighed and said, “We tried to kill the fire seals together, but we couldn’t do anything after they swam into the sky fire.”Lie Yan said.

Yun chujiu listened in a cloud of fog, “Island Master Kang, the Fire Seal is a sea beast. Even if it attacks the island, it won’t do much harm to the island. It Can’t jump onto the island to attack humans.”Lie Yan was puzzled

“Miss Yun, you only know one thing and you don’t know the other. Although the fire seals can’t climb onto land, they will surround an island and spew fire.

“Moreover, the fire they spew is much more overbearing than ordinary flames. In a moment, it can burn down the trees and houses on the island. “Every time they come, they will bring us huge losses. It’s really annoying.

“I have to leave quickly. You guys should also hurry back. If you are targeted by the flaming seals, you will be buried in the Sea of Fire!”After saying that, island master Kang was about to leave in a hurry. Lie Yan and lie Yan had already left.

“Wait! Island Master Kang, the three of us will go with you to see the so-called flaming seals.”Yun chujiu followed island master Kang into lie Yan’s boat without any explanation.

An Linchuan and Shangguan Hao had no choice but to follow. As for the people on Chessboard Island, they obeyed Yun Chujiu’s orders and obediently returned.

Island master Kang was in a hurry to return to his island to check. Although he wished he could push a certain jiu who came uninvited into the sea, he still endured it. After all, only the three of them would not cause any trouble, it was more important to return to the island first.

Island master Kang’s Island was called the Coconut Island because there were many coconut trees growing on his island.

However, due to the fire seals’attacks a few times, the edge of the coconut island had already become bare. Only the central area of the island still had a large amount of coconut forest. Lie Yan and the rest of the group had already arrived at the island.

The group had just landed on the island when they saw a red patch rapidly approaching the coconut island.

Island master Kang cursed out loud, “Damn it! It seems that these damn fire seals have chosen our coconut island this time. Quickly inform everyone to get ready for battle! If I don’t kill a few fire seals today, my surname will not be lie Yan!”

Yun chujiu stretched her neck to look into the distance, with the large red approaching, Yun chujiu finally saw the so-called lie Yan Seal.

Lie Yan was not much different from an ordinary seal, except that he was slightly bigger and his entire body was fiery red. Lie Yan thought that the lie Yan seal was actually quite good-looking.

Of course, lie Yan did not say this out loud, or else he would have been thrown into the sea by Island Master Kang.

The Lie Yan seal was very fast. In less than 15 minutes, it had already surrounded the coconut island. With an excited roar, lie Yan starts spitting fireballs at Coconut Island

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