2853 Chapter 2853: Looking for trouble

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! Shui Qing Zhu, 水清竹 2022/11/21 17:20:19

Everyone on Coconut Island was dumbfounded. They felt that their worldview had been refreshed. How could a person’s spiritual beast be so awesome?

Lie Yan, who usually drove them crazy, was actually scared away by such a huge pig?

Island master Kang shook his head and pinched himself secretly. Only then did he confirm that he was not dreaming. He walked to Yun chujiu with a polite attitude:

“Miss Yun, you really don’t show your face. I didn’t expect you to be so capable. I apologize for what I said before. Please don’t mind me.”

“Island Master Kang, you are too kind. Since you have nothing else to do, I plan to follow the group of fire seals to see their nest. We will take our leave now,”Yun chujiu also said very politely.

Island master Kang felt that he must have heard it wrong. was this little girl not very smart? Although her spiritual beasts were quite powerful, they did not cause any substantial damage to the group of fire seals. Lie Yan was not afraid of them.

The fire seals just did not intend to fight head-on with lie Yan. If they really fought, she might not be able to gain any advantage.

Moreover, she still wanted to find their nest? What a joke! Who Didn’t know that lie Yan’s nest was surrounded by Sky Fire? If she went there, she would be courting death!

“Miss Yun, you, you’re not joking, right? Lie Yan’s nest is surrounded by sky fire. We humans have no way to get close to it. You’d better give up on this idea.”Island master Kang advised earnestly.

“I’m just going to take a look. I might not really go in. Why Don’t you come with us?”Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

Island master Kang hesitated for a moment. He felt that it was not impossible to go and take a look. At worst, he could just turn around and come back. Anyway, he had a ship in his storage ring. He could come back anytime.

Therefore, island master Kang brought a few guards and boarded Yun Chujiu’s pirate ship. Ah, the big ship.

The group of fire seals was very easy to track because they could see a large patch of fiery red from a distance. It was very eye-catching on the sea. Lie Yan and the rest of the group of fire seals followed suit.

The group of fire seals had a good plan. Although there was that perverted little girl on the Coconut Island, there was no other island. They could go to other islands to play around.

Therefore, the group of fire seals swam for a distance and surrounded an island called lie Yan.

Lie Yan Island got its name because the soil on the island was red.

When lie Yan Island’s Island Master Luo saw the fire seals surrounding him, he quickly organized his men to fight back.

While the two sides were fighting fiercely, a large ship sailed over from afar.

Lie Yan Island master Luo stretched his neck to take a look. Wasn’t this the little girl from before? The one behind was Island Master Kang? Could it be that she was here to help? But there were only a few people on the deck.

Just as Island Master Luo was racking his brain, he heard the little girl on the deck shout loudly, “Hey! Little Babies! Are you surprised? Are you surprised?”

Lie Yan, who was spitting fire happily:”…”

It was definitely an accident, but forget about the surprise. It was clearly a shock, okay? Why did this damn brat chase after them?

A few of the older lie Yan seals looked at each other. This brat really didn’t know when to stop. She was going to kill her!

Thus, the lie Yan seals gave up on Redsand Island and swam towards Yun Chujiu’s ship.

On the ship, Island Master Kang’s intestines were turning green with regret!

This brat was definitely sick. Moreover, she was quite sick!

Aren’t you just looking for trouble for no reason? !

What should we do now? If such a large group of flaming seals surrounded lie Yan, this ship would definitely be burnt to ashes.